Welcome Fit Chicks!

Hello boss ladies!  Thanks for visiting my blog.  My name is Alysha White and I’m a fit chick; but probably not exactly what you’d expect.  I grew up in small town in Kansas, living on cheeseburgers and dreams, where the words “gym” and “fitness” where never heard.

I went through some tough times (blogs to come) and finally found my way to become the Fit Chick I am today.  I’m a personal trainer, fitness model,  bodybuilding competitor, boxing coach, and I can eat a 20 oz. steak in one sitting (true story). But what I really am, is just a fit chick finding my way and sharing.  Workouts, Recipes, Inspiration, and what will REALLY get you abs. (Whew, finally!)

This blog is about cutting the crap and giving it to you straight; that’s my promise!

Whether you want to have some help looking good in skinny jeans, finding some healthy food you’ll actually eat, or maybe entertaining yourself with some of my own stories and struggles; you’ve found your home for being a fit chick and still having balance in your life.

Let me know where y’all are at and what you think, and welcome to Team Fit Chick!


Love-Hard.    Lift-Heavy.    Live-Blessed


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