Team Fit Chick Interviews: Fitness Model Vesla Marinova


 This chick has seen it all in the industry and isn’t afraid to be real and give us fit chicks real answers!

Name:  Vesela Marinova

Let’s get social: 

facebook:  vessmarinova


TWITTER: @VesMarinova

Occupation:  Outside Sales Rep for Europa Sports Products, personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness spokes model

What does it mean to you to be a fit chick?

“KNOWING YOUR TRUTH” or allowing yourself to learn and love yourself.  I value taking the time to appreciate and study the art and science of your mind, body and soul.   I’ve realized through my experience, that getting your mind on a level of what is real in your world and achieving what is real in your goals is important. Fitness is not about you vs. the other chick; it’s about you vs. yourself and bettering your life by living a healthy lifestyle.

How did you get started on your fitness journey? 

I was in martial arts from 12 yrs. old, and at 15, I started seeing a line in my stomach and it inspired me to read Muscle and Fitness and Arnold’s encyclopedia of bodybuilding.  I then saw a feature on a women’s fitness competitor and fell in love with what bodybuilding and fitness stands for and the amazing transformations that could happen with proper training, nutrition and supplementation.  So I decided to join a gym, and from then on it was easy.

I studied it inside and out and tried to find the baddest guys and gals in the gym and pick their brains as much as possible.

Who or what inspires you to keep going? 

For a decade, I did not stop! I stayed in “shoot ready” shape all year around.  Once you start, it’s just a lifestyle.

I will admit sometimes life happens, and yes I had my little moments; so about a year ago I just kind of “took time off” and I must say THANK GOD for MUSCLE MEMORY or we’d be in trouble!

Since turning 30 recently, I realized I had to jump back in and the one thing that inspires me; is myself.  Bodybuilding & shape shifting isn’t about who you can look like or how much better you used to be.  It’s about being the best you can be every day; whatever size that currently is.

What was the biggest obstacle you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it? 

I have to say with my job it’s hard sometimes because I am on the go all the time! Being on the road is hard to diet or find the time to hit the gym;  just the fact that I function better in life in general when I do take care of myself is what helps keep me motivated.  When there’s no gym around, my hotel room becomes it.  There are plenty of exercises you can blast out with your body weight and that will help keep the key areas of a woman tight!

Tell us about some goals you’ve made and some upcoming goals you have:

Recently I’ve decided to get back in “photoshoot shape” to motivate myself to book a couple of shoots for the Europa Dallas in August.  I’m pretty

excited!  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in front of the camera, so definitely looking forward to it!

Favorite workout style and why?

Old school bodybuilding style!  Why?  It’s just what I have always had the love for and I have a lot of respect and love for how the body mechanics work and it amazes me how you can sculpt every fiber of your muscles.  There is just such an art and science to it….and it’s fun!

How do you time manage life and being fit? 

It’s all about finding your own personal balance.  For me personally, I’m not a morning person, so it’s hard for me to hit the gym 1st thing in the morning instead as soon as I’m done with work, I stop in and get my training done. It’s always smart to designate personal time, friend time, loved one time.  I’m not saying you can’t be spontaneous, however having some sort of structure will help keep you on track and sane!

What does a healthy lifestyle and balance mean to you and how can women achieve it?

Take time for every aspect of your life that is important to you.  Take a day to treat yourself to sushi and wine with your girls, or take a day to enjoy a nice walk or a fun activity with your man. Take a day simply to yourself and do what you want!

Life is so amazing and you make it what you want it to be!  All too often we get overwhelmed and start making excuses of not enough time in the day and others depend on us.  I say do what you want, when you want, how you want!  Set your own rules and enjoy every aspect of life.

3 things every fit girl should know:

  •  SHAPE-SHIFTING:  You’re a woman…so act and train like one!  Train your whole body, but focus on bringing out areas you need extra improvement on.
  • *Do YOU!  Love yourself and make yourself a priority.
  •  “Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man & work like a boss”  No joke –Every fit girl should live by this!

What’s in your workout bag? 

  • BigBack grips for lifting
  • Waist belt for cardio
  • Chapstick
  • Quest Nutrition Bar
  • an apple (energy yay)

What is your go to jam on your ipod? 

I use 8tracks, I love that app & anything DUBSTEP for training!

What in your opinion is the best cardio for women? 

Elliptical and stair stepper, I have found this personally works the best.

A sample day in your meal plan:  

• Meal 1: 1/2 cup Oatmeal + 1/2C Frozen Cherries + Almonds +1 cup of Go Lean Crunch Cereal + 1 Scoop of Iso100.  

• Meal 2: 1 scoop of Protozyme by Metabolic with 10 Oz Water  

• Meal 3: 6 Oz Chicken Breast Grilled w/ broccoli/cauliflower    • Meal 4: 1 scoop of Protozyme with 10 Oz Water and an Apple  

• Meal 5: 6 Oz Salmon or 2 Lean Turkey Patties (Jennie-O) with Sweet Potato or salad bowl  

•Meal 6: Protein Shake -only if I’m hungry before bed 

Cheat Meal:  Chipotle (plain brown rice and chicken w/ guacamole) or Dominoes’ thin crust w/ green olives and bacon pizza are the choices once a week for cheat meals.

What’s your advice to all the Fit Chick’s out there? 

“Your path, your life, your rules”, and eat good to feel good.  Train because you enjoy it. Take time to enjoy your hard earned body by treating yourself to some pampering.  Be you!

Vesla’s Workout: 

  • Day 1: Back/Cardio/Abs
  • Day 2: Arms/Chest 
  • Day 3: Legs/Cardio/Abs 
  • Day 4: Cardio/Abs/Calves 
  • Day 5: rest 
  • Day 6: rest 
  •  Day 7:Cardio: 35-60 (moderate intensity) 


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