Fit Chick Interviews Personal Trainer Stephanie Houde on finding the balance, the happy, and the fitness that can change your life!

Stephanie, celebrating not only her 40 pound transformation but marrying the love of her life Justin. "At 128 pounds now; I'm healthy, happy, and celebrating life!"

Stephanie, celebrating not only her 40 pound transformation but marrying the love of her life Justin.
“At 128 pounds now; I’m healthy, happy, and celebrating life!”

Talk about motivation!  Personal trainer Stephanie Houde fills in Team Fit Chick on overcoming obstacles and balancing fitness for you!


Name: Stephanie Houde

Let’s get Social:

Facebook: Stephanie Kresge


Occupation: Personal Trainer


 How did you get started on your fitness journey?

I have always been an athletic girl. I played sports throughout my adolescence and am still playing even now in my late twenties. I will mention that the real journey began after I gained the freshmen fifteen, actually forty, in college. Yes, I gained 40 pounds back in 2006-2007 and I was miserable with myself.

I was harsh and angry with my body because of it. My anger and hurt caused a downward spiral of binge eating and purging, to no true avail. I was accustomed to eating like a disposal because I was such an active teen with a tiny little figure. These habits did me nothing but harm and once life turned toward books, all-nighters, and living on a college style grocery budget.

By 2009, at 167 pounds, I said to myself “enough.” I packed up and traveled to South America where I lived in the Brazilian Rain Forest for several months. It was there that I began to exercise regularly, walk virtually everywhere I went, and also ate like the natives ate (about 80% living and raw foods.) I lost 15 lbs in the first two months and felt amazing. I wasn’t even weighing myself, and I still don’t very often.  I was simply enjoying feeling alive again. Down the road and back in the states, I continued to grow in discipline and took on a brand new lifestyle. I knew that I would never again let myself become overweight, lost, and energy drained. I am healthy, happy, and inspiring others to pursue their journey to wholeness.


What was the biggest obstacle you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?

Last fall, I completely destroyed my left leg in a women’s football game. I couldn’t walk for a long time and I had to let go of my full clientele as a trainer. It rocked my world!

Working out is my lifestyle and I had to invent new ways to make it happen even with a brace ranging from my hip to ankle and no mobility. I had a cracked femur, a completely blown out knee, and a deeply bruised tibia. Even then, I was still banging out crunches within a week and doing single leg plank push ups. Thankfully, as a double certified personal trainer, I know how to modify my workouts to target what I need while considering what my body needs in order to heal.

 "I was 167 pounds here; before adopting a gluten free and workout lifestyle" This Fit Chick shed an amazing 40 pounds for an amazing transformation!

“I was 167 pounds here; before adopting a gluten free and workout lifestyle” This Fit Chick shed an amazing 40 pounds for an amazing transformation!

Tell us about some goals you’ve made and some upcoming goals you have:

Losing the first 40 was amazing for me! Getting my second certification was really special for me because I worked really hard for it.

As far as upcoming goals, I’ll say that I would like to write a few books (the first is in the works) to identify with other women who are struggling with things that I’ve already had to fight my way through (severe adult acne, being overweight, serious injury, becoming gluten-free, overcoming eating disorders, etc.) I have fought hard to be where I am today. It has been a humbling and amazing journey thus far. I hope that my life will bring help, inspiration, and relief to others.

Favorite workout style and why?

Plyometrics! I love to sweat hard and feel like a little boss!

How do you time manage life and being fit?

Fitness is not an option for me. I love working out at night, but this rarely happens. So, I have a workout buddy that I am committed to doing early mornings with! Having the accountability makes me drag myself out of bed before the sun comes up because I know she will be there waiting for me. It’s getting easier every week!


3 things every fit girl should know:

1. Never say the words “I can’t have that.” You can. You are simply choosing to feed your body what it needs instead of poisoning it.

2. Consistency is everything and fad diets are a fad. They don’t offer you any benefit in the long run.

3. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Laughter is the BEST medicine. Please don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is too much of an adventure.

What’s in your workout bag?

A thick theraband for leg day, my knee brace, my gym pass,  a bottle of water, a measuring tape and a cliff bar for “emergency use.”

What is your go to jam on your ipod?

Coldplay “Paradise” and Bronze Radio Return “Shake, Shake, Shake.”


A sample day in your meal plan:

I’m committed to a gluten free diet, so taking that into consideration:

Pre Morning Workout – Raisin Ezekiel Toast and 1/2 cup of coffee with a splash of milk and one mouthful of fresh OJ for a “kick”

Post Workout – Protein Powder with Ice, Water, Milk, and Plain Oats

Lunch – Grilled Chicken, some sort of colorful veggie, G- Free Carbs (i.e. rice, quinoa)

Snack – A few tortilla chips or carrots and roasted pine nut humus

Dinner – Quinoa Pasta with peppers, chicken, onion, and marinara.

On resistance training days, I definitely eat more protein and love it. Cardio days I eat more carbs and I try to listen to what my body is asking for!


Stephanie’s Fit Chick Workout:

5-10 min. cardio warm up

  • 15lb Kettle bell swing, 2-3 sets of 25
  • 15lb Kettle bell high pull, 2-3 sets of 25
  • Rope Jacks – 2 sets of 30 seconds
  • Rope Ripples – 2 sets of 30 seconds
  • Sumo Squats – 2 sets of 20
  • Mountain Climbers – 2 sets of 45 seconds
  • Bosu Burpees with push up – 2 sets of 15

*After nearly every workout, I take my last 10 minutes and do an ab workout, followed by a stretch and cool down.


What’s your advice to all the Fit Chick’s out there?

Start somewhere. DO something today. Get moving. You are certainly worth the effort!


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  1. justafitchick · January 6, 2014

    Fit Chick would like to make a correction. Since this interview was conducted Ms. Stephanie got hitched! Hey Instagram can be found at @steph_Houde. Congrats girly!

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