5 Reasons your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution Will Fail; and how to Avoid It!

You log onto facebook and what was once a newsfeed full of engagement photos, kid’s Christmas pictures, and holiday “foodie” pics has now been replaced with resolution updates, annoying gym posts, and progress selfies; yep it’s January.

Every girl’s chance to start over fresh and loose those 5,10,15 pounds for good and finally fit into that way too tiny, but equally as awesome bikini this summer.

You’ve got a fresh start on your year and a new goal on the horizon; and you’re doing it this time mother trucker!   Nothing can hold you back…..2014 is your year…..no more excuses……but ladies; you will fail.

Now wait!  Before you slap me across the face and think how the hell can a personal trainer say this?  Hear me out.

I love goals; I actually live my entire life about goals, but year after year I have women not knocking, but pounding at my door to help them tackle their new year’s resolutions and trust me, my clients do succeed, but not at their resolutions; something bigger than that:  a new lifestyle, that sticks way longer than a January gym membership can.

So listen up fit chicks!  I’m going to walk you through 5 things that could ruin your weight loss resolution and how to turn the resolution into the lifestyle that sticks:

  • “Loose 10 pounds in 10 days” Ok, anything that sounds too good to be true; is. Sustainable weight loss cannot be obtained in a short time.  Set a 1 week goal, 1 month goal, and 6 month goal and decided on an OBTAINABLE goal for each period.  My clients average 1-2 pounds weight loss a week with diet AND exercise help; your weight loss goal should be similar.
  • “I’m going to lose the weight; all by myself” Truth?  You might, but if you’re new to the gym and an healthy lifestyle going at it lone ranger style won’t give you a lot of options.  My advice?  Hire a trainer; even for a couple sessions to learn the machines, cardio equipment, and most often consultations are complimentary and you get FREE advice, so take advantage.  A trainer can get you started on the right track or at least walk you through an idea of where to start.  Also a great website to get workout programs and tips for free is www.bodybuilding.com or www.simplyshredded.com

Also, the nice girl that sits across from your desk?  Ask her to be a workout buddy.  Chances are she’s on the wagon too and having accountability close to you will not only hold you accountable, but give you something to look forward too at the gym.  Repeat after me: “Friends don’t let friends’ workout alone”

  • “I’ll cut my meals in half; half the meals, half the size pants”  The only thing you’ll be cutting with this attitude is your wrists from hunger; I kid, I kid, but really starving yourself will maybe get you a couple love pounds loss, but is not going to get you in that bikini any sooner sister!  Start like this:  find your basic metabolic rate or BMR (tons of online calculators for that) which accounts for what your body needs to function and stay out of starvation mode, and add 200-300 calories above that, depending on how active you are.  This should be your caloric intake daily.  Download the myfitnesspal app to help track your food and try to be in these percentages for your food intake : 40% protein, 30% fats, 30% carbohydrates.  I program almost all of my clients at these percentages and make sure that the majority of your fats and carbs are taken in before 5 p.m.
  • “I’m a cardio whore”  That might have been blunt, but literally every day when I walk through the gym and I see these poor girls slaving away for 45 minutes on the treadmill, I can’t help but educate:  Cardio after 30-40 minutes starts burning muscle girls; not fat.  Instead of being a slave to the elliptical; try a resistance/weight training program combined with HIIT training (I walk you through HIIT in my Week 9 Bikini prep post).   Not only will your body fat decrease; your mental capacity for happiness will be so much better without being on that stair master all day!

Don't be a slave this year.....


  • “Fat burners, detox’s, and green tea; oh my!”  I won’t get complicated on this one. Have I taken fat burners?  Yep.  Do I depend on them for results? No.  There is no pill, drink, or prescription that can get you lasting, real results.  So skip the fat burners and miracle pills and please, please; start by finding a healthy diet plan, an exercise routine, and asking for advice from the fitness pros, you want to keep those results past March right?  Fat burners can not only alter metabolisms, they can destroy them and eventually the body reacts and becomes immune and you’ll be back to square one.

So there you have it.  I don’t want every lady out there to reach her new year’s resolution; I want you to DESTROY it!  The reason I could write this blog is because I have been the 5 girls above so many times and I failed; miserably.

I took a long hard look at my past and decided I didn’t want it to be my future.  I challenged myself to get educated on what my body needed; both mentally and physically and although the healthy route can be slightly uphill, the results you gain last a lifetime!


So cheers to 2014 fit chicks!  We WILL make this New Year our bitch!  Now get off that treadmill, eat some protein, and lift something!


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