Alysha’s Road to the Rocky: Week 7-5: “I’d do evil, horrible things for a muffin right now”.

Week 7 Progress.

Week 7 Progress.

“I’d do evil, horrible things for that muffin right now”


My statement above pretty much sums up week 7-5, and like most competitors in this time of prep, the new has worn off and I’m starting to get into “the grind” of the MOST important part of prep.  In my opinion week 7-5 sets the pace for your last go before stage time.  By now you should have a solid muscle base, and like any artist this is the time to really put in the work to sculpt your body or “creation”!

This is not the time to slack off and think you’ll get it all in your final 4 weeks, but this area of prep is where you can put in the hard work and have a relatively peaceful and consistent prep closer to your show time; and believe me your mind will be so frazzled you’ll need it!

Week 6 is one of my hardest weeks in my prep.  Food is getting old, and the anti-social personality is starting to set in.  I swore to myself to push through no matter what the cost and I found a couple of things that really helped me fight the cravings, social engagements, and overall feeling of “the grind”:

  • Find your happy place. As lame as that sounds, it’s crucial to your mental prep.  Life and training can butt heads right now so make sure once or twice a week to take a time out, shut off the phone, and do something that has nothing to do with your prep.  I either read a book and take a long bath or take my dog for a walk.  It’s important to remind yourself that there’s life after your show and you can still reward yourself with it.
  • Look for inspiration!  This really lit my fire!  I went and saw a local bodybuilding show to not only get inspiration from the girls onstage, but to surround myself with the buzz and positive feelings of stage time.  If you can’t find a show, watch an inspirational movie or talk to a competitor that recently finished a show.  As important as it is to remind yourself that life is still going on, don’t be afraid to steal some inspiration from those going through it!
  • Visualize the prize baby!  One thing that helped me to get my head back in the game was to try on an old show bikini and practice my walk.  I’ll admit trying on that teeny little bottom almost gave me a heart attack, but it also reminded me I still have work to do!  I also spent hours watching my idols on stage and mentally perfected my stage routine.  Amanda Latona is my favorite to watch on youtube and I look to these girls to get ideas on how to make my walk and posing unique and MY OWN.

So now that we’ve reeled back in mentally, it’s time to talk about that body baby!  At 7 weeks I really started to see the work I’d been putting in.  My shoulder caps were coming in and everything was starting to pop.  My lower body was still lacking mass and because we had started to increase my cardio my coach and I decided to switch gears on diet and training.

Week 7 progress picture.  I had FINALLY stared to see the shoulder work I'd been logging in the weight room.  Week 7 you should expect to start the leaning process considerably, and start to focus on the final touches to work on before the stage!

Week 7 progress picture. I had FINALLY stared to see the shoulder work I’d been logging in the weight room. Week 7 you should expect to start the leaning process considerably, and start to focus on the final touches to work on before the stage!

I went from a high rep/max out lifts to lower isolated lifts for fewer reps on my lower body and kept my upper body the same with burnouts incorporated at the end.  This style helps keep the mass you’ve built as well as get those last muscle fibers to fire.  I must warn you, these workouts were a bitch!  It took every ounce of mental balls I could muster up, but the end result was appearing more and more every day.

Alysha’s Week 7-5 Workout

Upper Body Day 

  • Pull ups 4×8
  • Cable Wide Grip Pull Downs                                           4×8
  • Cable Wide Grip Pull downs (Behind the neck)          4×8
  • Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows                                         4×8
  • Decline Push Ups                                                               4×8
  • Wide Grip Row (Focus on negative’s release)              4×8
  • Calf Raises with Weight                                                    4 x MAX

Lower Body Day

  • Dumbbell Squats (Feet Close)                                       4×8
  • Dead Lifts (Stiff Leg)                                                       4×8
  • Walking Lunges with heavy weight                              4×8
  • Hamstring Curl                                                                 4×8
  • Step Ups on high step                                                      4×15
  • One Leg Lifts                                                                     4×8
  • Glute Press off bench, with weight                               4×8

For some unknown reason, right around this time in prep competitors begin to, let’s say…freak the hell out about cardio.  Like I’ve mentioned before, every competitor is different and at this point some will require more cardio or less.  Right now is not the time to go crazy on cardio and overdue your body’s process!  Stay consistent and realize there’s still 6 weeks left doll; stick to your plan!  I slightly upped my cardio these weeks to 3 times a week stairclimber or spin bike for 30 minutes following my workout and using my staple HIIT training 2 times a week.

Diet was a huge push and challenge for me these weeks.  I knew that a cut was coming and I wanted to slowly cut myself down from week 6 until my show, versus a drastic drop right before show time, like many competitors do.  Correct prep is the ONLY way I compete, and taking the time to slowly alter your metabolism is a long, hard process but your future metabolism after the show will thank you.

My macros for these three weeks are the following:  (on light day)

Protein:  202 grams

Fat:  23 grams

Carbohydrates:  51-60 grams

Sugar: 7-10 grams

My body responds quickly and well to High/Low days and I altered 3 low days followed by a high day.  I suggest keeping your high day on a heavy leg day, you’ll need those extras for the push.    I also kept cheats in my meal plan these weeks and just included them in my overall macro level for the day.  This is crucial because you do not want your body’s enzymes to forget how to digest certain fats and carbohydrates, plus it’s crucial for the mind and your cravings to give in once or twice a week.

Alysha’s Diet Week 7-5, Low/High Day Breakdown

Low Day:                                                                                                                                              High Day

Meal 1:  3.5 oz protein, .75 carb, 3 oz. veggie                                                                                       Meal 1:  4 oz. protein, .75 carb, 3 oz. veggie, 1 MCT Oil

Meal 2:   3.5 oz. protein, 3 oz. veggie                                                                                                       Meal 2:  4 oz. protein, 3 oz. veggie

Meal 3:  3.5 protein, .75 carb, 3 oz. veggie                                                                                             Meal 3:  4 oz. protein, .75 carb, 3 oz. veggie

Meal 4: 3.5 protein, 3 oz. veggie                                                                                                              Meal 4:  4 oz. protein, .75 carb, 3 oz. veggie, 1 MCT Oil

Meal 5: 3.5 protein, .75 carb, 3 oz. veggie, 1 MCT oil                                                                          Meal 5:  4 oz. protein, .75 carb, 3 oz. veggie

Meal 6:  3.5 protein, 3 oz. veggie                                                                                                             Meal 6:  4 oz. Protein, .75 carb, 3 oz.Vegggie, 1 MCT Oil

Meal 7:   3.5 protein, 3 oz. veggie, 1 MCT Oil                                                                                        Meal 7:  4 oz. protein, .75 carb, 3 oz. veggie

By using my 4th day on my meal program as an “reload” day there was no need to reefed on my last day like previous weeks.  This worked great for my body and my energy level and by adding small portions of carbs all day I was able to push through the long workouts and still have the energy my body needed.  If you choose to use the low/high day program it is crucial to not miss your fats!  Whether that be liquid fat or supplemented through natural food.  This approach is also great because your body will not automatically feel the carb drop and is a huge mental boost!

What I can tell you about week 7-5 is that these will be the weeks to stay consistent, work your ass off, and start picturing the finish line!  It’s about that time and zero in on why you started this in the first place; because you wanted it!

Next week I’m covering in my blog the fun part: bikinis, tans, and how to not go insane in the final weeks; no really it’s bound to happen to all us fit chicks!  Nose to the grind stone ladies!  Keep calm and Fit Chick On!



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  2. fitnesshealthandeverythingelse · January 28, 2014

    Keep it up girl! I love following fellow competitor’s journeys! Lookin good!


    • justafitchick · January 28, 2014

      Thanks Jess! The show was actually this last November; I’m just now posting my journal 😊

      • fitnesshealthandeverythingelse · January 29, 2014

        O wow! Any tips and tricks/advice for a newbie competitor?!


      • justafitchick · January 29, 2014

        Absolutely! I’ve covered a lot of that in my past bikini blogs but the best advice I can give to someone wanting to do a show is to find a coach and make sure to give yourself enough time to slowly get to your goal! Also picking the right federation and show time is crucial! I don’t suggest doing show prep around the holidays (been there, couldn’t eat that!)

      • fitnesshealthandeverythingelse · January 31, 2014

        Thank you! O god no, I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays! I would be setting myself up for failure if I had to prep during Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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