“The Comparathon” 5 signs Social Media Is Ruining Women’s Progress

Professional "Selfie" taking at its best!  Between years of modeling and greatly acquired bathroom mirror pics; all of us fitness gals have learned how to showcase our bodies in the best possible light; or IG filters.  I'm not afraid to show my reality; because understand I compare too and it's so important of us to remember that women are real and it's ok to look that way.

Professional “Selfie” taking at its best! Between years of modeling and greatly acquired bathroom mirror pics; all of us fitness gals have learned how to showcase our bodies in the best possible light; or IG filters. I’m not afraid to show my reality; because understand I compare too and it’s so important of us to remember that women are real and it’s ok to look that way.

It’s 1:34 on a Sunday; and I know that exact time because I’ve spent every moment this week counting down until this very minute on this very day; it’s my cheat meal.

I’ve kicked that ass in the gym, ate like a saint all week, and FINALLY I’m going to reward myself with some instant gratification of a horribly sexy double bacon cheese burger.

As I nosh this small piece of heaven; out of habit I fire up the ‘ol Instagram and in between un-ladylike bites and scrolls, I come across picture after picture of hard bodied, 6-pack goddesses sharing their flawless bathroom selfies.

I stop chewing, sit down my burger, and instantly feel like running back to the gym, because I my friends, have once again started “The Comparathon”.

Even though I busted my ass all week, did my homework and was a good girl; seeing this women reminded me that my ass doesn’t look like that, and my abs weren’t as great as they used to be, and oh ya, I should probably get that eyebrow wax I’ve been putting off, while I’m at the waxer, I should schedule a spray tan………..shit.

It was then I realized that I was actually letting a picture, completely steal my moment that I earned!

Which brings up the questions; as women, are we letting “the comparathon” ruin our progress?  And if so, are we even comparing ourselves to reality or smoking mirrors?

Now, by now, I know what you guys are thinking.  Oh the professional selfie taker herself is being insecure; yea right.  But the truth is whether you are a size 2 or 10, we’re comparing and tearing ourselves down in the process.  Here are 5 signs you’re playing “The comparathon”:

  • “I liked it, but she still isn’t pretty”  Why in the hell do we do this?  We have no problem “liking” a photo and then immediately justifying that girl isn’t perfect and what she could improve.  In reality, where justifying to ourselves that no one is perfect, so we don’t have to be, and we are completely right.  No woman is perfect all the time and we shouldn’t hold ourselves to the same standards.  We should although hold ourselves to the notion that we should admire those that are working for it; whether or not someone has completely reached their goal.  So the next time the girl who posts a 1 pound weight loss; give her and yourself some credit that you both aren’t perfect but your supporting progress.  “Like” that post.  She’ll feel great and you’ll feel good too.
  • Your gauging your progress and results off any girl’s IG with 1,000 followers or over.  They have 50,000 + followers, been in the fitness industry 5 years, and appeared on the cover of Oxygen; they’re not new to the game and chances are; you are.  Remember this: these women have made their careers out of training and know all of the smoking mirrors to taking selfies and my personal favorite; Photoshop.  Even the most killer physique’s in the world, have an off-season.  So cut yourself some slack and realize they were in your shoes when they started and it took them years to get there.  Besides; you wouldn’t expect to dunk a basketball like Michael Jordan in a week; your body isn’t any different.


  • “She just takes fat burners”  We have all probably said this and or at least though it to ourselves; and even in the midst of drinking our “haterade” the thought probably crossed our minds that we could do that too?  Here’s the deal:  quick fixes are exactly that and although your co-worker is reviling in her new 5 pound shed realize that a majority of the time the results cannot hold the test of time.  Instead of hating, realize that you’re making a lifestyle change and although the results might come a little slower, 6 months from now you’ll still be celebrating success far greater than a 5 pound shed.
  • “I’ve been good for 3 days; why can’t I see my abs?”  Ok so maybe the personal trainer in me through this one on the list; but this is by far the most sabotaging things I hear from women.  The difference between the clients I have that reach their goals quick and the ones that don’t are consistency.  3 days of a balanced diet, WILL NOT erase 5 years of neglect to your body.  You cannot compare your goals and progress until you’ve put in the work first!   Complain and compare: your worst enemies.  Consistency and hard work: #winning.
  • You insert WHY in any sentence discussing your body and goals.  Why can’t I look like her?  Why can’t I just lose the weight?  Why is it so hard for me to get to my goal?  Do me a favor; screw why and ask when?  WHEN you start, even as small as the first step of showing up, you’re leaving the WHY behind.  Set a 1 week, 1 month, and 6 week goal.  Stick to it; do the work, at any pace and all of a sudden you’ll find yourself never asking why again; because you decided WHEN.
Proof that even the world's most famous bodies have an "off-season". Fitness models are also human and it's impossible, I repeat impossible to maintain perfection all year long.  When you see the pictures on stage of these women; remember that these women, myself included, put in months of hard work and perfect eating to get there. Bottom line: earn the cookie, enjoy the cookie, and get your ass right back to work!

Proof that even the world’s most admired physiques have an “off-season” What you see on stage took months of perfect eating, hard work, and amazing tans! Every woman is real; compare yourself to that.


I feel the need to get personal on this one, because as positive and motivated I can be; EVERY WOMAN compares.

In all honesty, comparing might even be healthy on some levels, but the difference is leaving the insecurities and negativity at the door.  Compare yourself to be better; not the same.

A woman’s insecurities is what’s ugly, not her and every scroll down Instagram should inspire you to work harder every day and realize that even your “fitness goddesses” some days have to fake it because we’re all human and comparing yourself realistically is the first step to real results.

After writing this, I really began to think about my own insecurities and my own “comparathon” and I can honestly say, even I need to remind myself to keep the crazy in check and know that someday I’ll get there, but in the meantime, I’m so damn proud of how far I’ve gotten today.



  1. run100run · February 16, 2014

    great blog, iv really enjoyed your posts. I would love to have you follow my running journey run100run.wordpress.com

  2. joycsanders · February 18, 2014

    Reblogged this on JOYandpainfitness and commented:
    Guilty as charged. As I start my new prep, I’m going to keep this in mind and not fall into the crazy “comparathon”!

    • justafitchick · February 18, 2014

      Good to hear girlfriend! I struggled greatly with body issues after my first show; I wanted those abs all year long!! Once I gained some reality (and sanity lol), I focused on building the best package for my next show vs. trying to chase expectations all year long. Enjoy the offseason and work that ass off! 🙂

      • joycsanders · February 18, 2014

        lol I plan to! I’m starting this prep pretty much at the same weight I did for the last one but I’m “smaller” than I was first prep, if that makes sense. Immediately I started to freak out and stalk IG but I’m stopping.. Just gonna work on me and do the best I can for this show!

      • justafitchick · February 20, 2014

        Good luck to you sister! Can’t wait to see your results and hard work!

      • joycsanders · February 20, 2014

        Thank you!

  3. ashleycodispoti · February 18, 2014

    I LOVE this! I think that any woman, especially those that are into fitness, can definitely agree with this blog. Well said!

    • justafitchick · February 18, 2014

      Thank you! It’s so hard to be patient with progress and even harder to accept that we’re all human!

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