Operation Deal. How to Deal and Finally Let it Go. Week 1: How to Deal with Your Heart.

“People don’t flaunt their brokenness when they’re trying to prove themselves.”


Hello my fellow fit chicks! You may have been wondering where I’ve been the last couple weeks and I apologize for my absence; I’ve been dealing.

My last post, I decided that I wanted to start a personal project for myself in hopes that it might help some of you out there dealing with the same issues.

I wanted to start Operation Deal, because to be honest, I’ve been carrying around a lot of weight lately and it hasn’t been in the gym.

My entire day is based around women; I hear their wants and needs, good and bad days, and to be frank, the things that hold them back. I’m no different.

The same fears, insecurities, hard ships that hold them back, I myself have been bearing for some time and let’s be real; ain’t nobody got time for that! It’s time to deal.

I’ve tried to write this part probably 20 times, and as hard as I try, every time the issue of my heart comes up, I find it harder and harder to identify my common ground.

I spoke in my last post about questions I ask in my client’s consultations and until recently, I realized that I was missing the most important question; “How’s your heart?”

Healthy bodies are great and active minds are better, but what are any of those things without a good heart? Dealing with your heart is more about understanding it. What makes it full, what makes it hurt, and what drives it.

How to deal: with your heart……

-How’s your heart? Ask yourself this daily and know that it’s ok to admit it’s not perfect. The pieces that are smashed to the ground are also that same pieces that when put back together will make you stronger than you’ve ever known you could be. Time to get real with yourself and know your heart’s status, daily.

-If you carry it around; you’ll get drug behind it forever. Broken, let down, disappointed. Whatever hurt your heart, you have to let that shit go. I’ve found that finding what makes your heart full and focusing on that, is what in the end will heal help you heal. Try something new or pick up something old, but let the past go and your future will appreciate it.

-Letting your heart feel is what gives you purpose; respect it. Put your hand over your chest, feel that? It’s called purpose and you have every right to explore anything that makes you happy. You can’t be afraid to give, to be selfish, or to fail even. You have to complete the process to know what makes you truly happy. Live your life to every beat of it.

-It’s ok to be broken. People don’t flaunt their brokenness when they’re trying to prove themselves. Life is messy and your heart is no different. Those scars on your heart are nothing short of badges of honor. You went through it, you made it out alive, and now you’re a warrior. Just don’t forget that sometimes the only way to be strong is to admit that you’ve been broken, now put your pieces back together.

A broken heart can be the most powerful and dangerous thing to a woman.

My biggest accomplishments in life have come from a broken heart; I’m so thankful to feel hurt, because without it I wouldn’t appreciate joy. My mistake has been that I often confused drive for anger. Leaving me feeling a little empty, when my heart should have felt fulfilled.

I’ve always had a big heart. I love hard, and without caution. My heart has left me with two things in life: amazing people and amazing people who broke it. It’s important to realize that to have a healthy heart you have to have both.

So how have I dealt with my heart? I finally realized that going after my dreams and goals, couldn’t be fueled by anger from my heart, it would never feel special to me if it was being fueled by a heart broken by something else or someone other than myself.

This is where I get very real with you all and I’ll go ahead and say it; when a woman’s heart is broken, we want to fix everything else but the real problem. A better body, job, status will not give you peace, but simply put a band aide over the real issue.

When you start to heal the broken, the reasons why you may have started on the journey don’t seem that important anymore, because you have something better: your own relationship with your heart.

So let it break, let it heal, and let it become full. Let yourself deal and the next time you ask yourself, “How’s your heart?” you’ll know the answer.

Love-Hard. Lift-Heavy. Live-Blessed.

Love-Hard. Lift-Heavy. Live-Blessed.


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