The Fit Chick Wolf Pack: 6 gym stereotypes and what we can learn from one another.

It’s 5:30 p.m. and you’re walking into your local gym. First off; killer job for going to the gym! Second off; let’s talk about you walking into the gym.

You probably just put in a 6 hour day of phone calls, deadlines, crying babies, and well; life. You tell yourself the only job you have to do now is make it through this next hour, sweat some glitter, and get one step closer to those summer shorts.

You quickly B-line for the locker room, suit up, slam those headphones in, and disappear for the next hour…..hopefully mentally and visually. You just want to get this over with and get the hell home.

Sound familiar? It’s because it’s you, me, and every other busy girl just trying to a workout in on a Monday.

I spend all day in the gym with my job, so when it’s time for my own workout, I like to disappear. I’m the chick with the music blaring, head in the zone, serial killer look on my face that reads “I want to do everything right now but talk to a human being”. What I started realizing is that I went from loving my workouts, to just “getting them done”. I was a lone wolf out there, and one day I took a second too stop rushing, and take in what’s around me.

I noticed there were so many different goals, stories, and workouts going on. And it hit me; I was so busy avoiding and just “getting it done” that I was completely missing out on the awesome fit chicks around me! See in every gym, there’s a fit chick wolf pack. Those girls that you notice every day, doing their own thing, and you never once stop to ask why they’re doing it.

The Fit Chick Wolf Pack: Who are you and what can you learn from the Wolf Pack?


  • The Road Warrior: the runners, swimmers, bikers, and chicks that you know not to run next too if you’re trying to save face. I’ve always admired these girls and find it so inspiring watching them! I mean, they run, like miles! The longest distance I’ve ran lately is after the ice cream truck in my neighborhood (true story).

    What we can learn from those women is that there’s a start and a finish to everything. Those girls pumping out 10 k’s? They started at 1 mile too. So if you’re looking for competition to get you motivated, distance sports can be a great thing, because you can start small and work your way up, at your own pace.

  • The Meat Heads: Gallon jug of water in the left, protein shake in the right, and bodies you can’t help but think, “Could you just put a shirt on?” Meat heads get a bad rep; I know this because I used to criticize them and now I am one.

    Girls who lift are most of the time misunderstood. Not every girl who lifts is a bikini competitor or has arms like Arnold. Most of these women enjoy being strong and challenging themselves. Besides really learning the mechanics of lifting and how to tone your body, you can learn a lot from these girls through their nutrition, dedication, and experience. The gym is not their first rodeo, so chat them up on your problem areas or new ways to tone; I guarantee you’ll learn something valuable!

  • The Class junkies: Zumba, Body Pump, Kickboxing; doesn’t matter. They know every routine and look like a professional cardio banshee out there. One of my besties, Jessica, is a class junkie. This small, sweet, petite thing will explain to you how to craft while walking into class and within 10 minutes of turbo kick, she will have sweat pouring down her, the eye of the tiger on her face, and I’ll be straight dying next to her trying to keep up.

    Class junkies have something figured out: why push yourself when you can have someone help you with it? I couldn’t stand the thought of getting on the stair master the other day, so I jumped into Zumba. 1 hour of white girl moves later; I had new friends, new energy, and couldn’t believe I enjoyed cardio this much!

    When nothing else is motivating, hop in a class and break the norm!

  • The Yogis: These chicks will strike the warrior pose, holding an organic tea, while looking Zen as hell doing it. I live in Denver; the land of hot yoga chicks. So the to say that yoga class here is humbling is an understatement. What I have learnt through trying out yoga is that it can be “me time”; an hour just to myself, my thoughts, and a highly inflexible downward dog. But you know what? No one cared I was new, in fact every yoga class I’ve been too has been welcoming and made me leave with what do they call it; zen? Stressed? Try some yoga chick on.
  • The Hot Chick: Well you know they’re working out and they look, well hot, doing it. So I have a saying; “If you leave the gym looking hot, you didn’t get a good workout in.” Well that’s not true, but the girls who can look hot after an hour of gym sesh, I’m not jealous of; I’m amazed! How the hell do they do it?

    This will sound weird if you don’t know me, but one day I finally asked my gyms’ “hot chick”; “How do you find the time to look so cute at the gym?” Her reply was awesome, “Because I want to look good for myself.” Taking time to match your nike’s or throw on some mascara doesn’t make you high maintenance, it just means you spent some time on you. When you look good, you feel good; and that’s guaranteed to give ya a pep in your workout step.

  • The Moms: Determination on their faces, armed with wet wipes and 2 year olds; the original “boss ladies” of the gym. They birthed, raised, and kept a human alive, all while still finding time to hit the gym. These chicks are amazing!

    I train a lot of moms and I learn EVERYDAY something new from them! Time management, self-confidence, but most importantly that if you really want something, you can achieve it and do it all! Moms are motivation!

So I know what you’re thinking; isn’t it wrong to stereotype? Well yes and no.

Stereotyping, in my opinion, is only negative when you put a person in a box and don’t allow yourself to put in one as well. We all have are traits, characteristics, and “things” that make us who we are and it’s pretty incredible! What we have to realize though is that we need to respect and even learn things from each other.

So the next time you’re just “getting it done” stop for a second and look around; you may even learn something new from the Fit Chick Wolf Pack.


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