The 10 biggest mistakes I’ve made in Fitness: A Fit Chick Confession


I’ve failed.

I’ve failed over, and over, and over. I’ve tried it all and failed at most of it; so why am I here writing an advice blog about health and fitness if I’ve failed?

Because If I wouldn’t have failed so many times, I wouldn’t have known any success in my career, or life for that matter.

Most experts on anything will always tell you what works, but they never dive into the hundreds of times they did stupid things, tried ridiculous ideas, and failed enough times to become “experts”.

Now I don’t consider myself a fitness expert; fitness and health is ever evolving you can NEVER be an expert. Unless we’re talking about peanut butter; I am an expert at that!

I do know one thing and that’s learning from my mistakes and being brave enough to share them with my Fit Chicks! So here we go……

The 10 Biggest Mistakes I’ve made in Fitness:

  • I can out work a shitty diet.

This is no secret to anyone who’s ever tried to reach their goals, but for some reason we always try to convince ourselves, in the moment, that this statement can be done. Well it cant.There is no amount of cardio, supplements, carb cycling that will get to your goals if you are slacking on your diet; period. If you maintain a shitty diet; you maintain mediocre goals. There is a way to work around it if you don’t want to lug around tilapia and sweet potatoes for the rest of your life and that’s IIFIYM (If it fits in your macros) or also known as “flexible dieting”. To put this simple; find out your macros for your goals. Meaning you see how many fats, carbs, and proteins you should be allowing your body daily and you simply log, eat, fit, repeat. It’s that simple and you don’t have to cut everything good out of your diet, you just moniter what your body needs. I’ll dive more into macros and flexible dieting in my upcoming blogs, but if you’re interested in knowing your macros right now EMAIL ME at You really can have pizza and abs; I promise!

  • Crunches will get me abs.

I always look back to my college days and this is how it went: eat cheeseburgers and beer for a semester, realize its 3 weeks until spring break, and start doing crunches like a maniac every night. Hmm…I wondered why I never saw results?  Your abs are a muscle; not unicorn magic. When they are worked, like any other muscle they grow. Adding muscle growth underneath your fat is not going to give you a flat tummy; look at the real culprit: abdominal fat. If abs are your goal, diet and fat loss cardio should be your focus. If you have dropped the body fat, look to tone different areas of the abdominal by specific training techniques: lower body lifts, burst or HIIT cardio, oblique exercises such as cable chops, side crunches, and side plank holds. Please ladies, for the love of peanut butter, get off that medicine ball and really work those washboards!

  • It works for her, so it’s gotta work for me too.

This was a huge mistake I made early in my career, as I began to really focus on getting muscle tone and tightness. I would scour the internet pages of my favorite fitness chicks, copying word for word their diets, workouts, etc. Some of you might ask why this was a mistake? Well I’ll tell you.  I was a 23-year-old girl who had never lifted, dieted, or really given a thought to my body’s mechanics prior to that moment; so trying to do what Amanda Latona does 10 years later just isn’t feasible. Remember everyone is different and everybody is different, research and experiment different methods until you find what works for you! Otherwise you’ll find yourself flat on your back, with a barbell to your chest; very embarrassed at the gym. I only bring this up because I tried to overhead press 90 pounds after watching the crossfit games on TV. Do me a favor; do you! The progress will come sooner than you think!

  • If I don’t eat carbs, I won’t gain weight.

This rumor and idea so many women have, just won’t go away! It sticks around in our minds like that ex-boyfriend; gross! Your body loves carbs, in fact, it needs them! Cutting them out will not only deplete your body and cause it to hold onto body fat, but it’s next to impossible to tone and build your muscles without carbs. So what to do with this love/hate relationship? The answer I’ve found is timing and portions. Time your carb intake smart: early in your day when your body can use them vs. store them and right before or after your workouts, so you can have energy to use and important macros to send to your muscles. Now, just because I said carbs are good, doesn’t mean you get 12 inch flat breads every meal. Think about portions; normally ½ to 1 cup is the sufficient size carbs in a meal and make them the best options for your body: sweet potatoes (loaded in minerals), fruit (high in antioxidants and fiber), and my personal fav whole grain rolled oats (they fill you up and are a good source of long burning protein)

  • “Diet” and “Artificial” are ok in certain amounts.



This was my rookie mistake. Fat free means free for all! Right? No wrong Alysha, so wrong! Although there is no substantial evidence that can directly relate artificial sweeteners and weight gain; I can tell you from personal experience, when I dropped the sweeteners and artificial everything, I felt better, looked less bloated, and could maintain my muscle definition so much more.





So this is a mistake I’m STILL making! Like most gals out there; I’m basically trying for world domination in a 24 hour time slot; every day. The busier I get the earlier the mornings are and later the bed times and I find myself, how would you put it? Less than spritely. What I also started to notice is that my body was holding more water retention, looking flat, and I wasn’t seeing the gains I’d been working for. I was following a diet and workout program to a T, laying off the happy hours, and still no change? A close friend told me this and it made perfect sense; “Alysha, whatever you need to get done today can wait for tomorrow. You’re body on the other hand won’t. You only have today to make it better; go to bed girl.” So I did. I couldn’t believe how just a couple more hours of sleep was giving me energy and results in the morning.





Maybe; maybe not. Procrastination stems from begin unorganized. Get a plan, get a trainer, get a workout buddy and do it! Why wait until you MIGHT do it tomorrow when you can just be one step closer today?



I’ve made mistake on supplements a lot in my career. Too much or too little, I’ve made them. The biggest mistake I see most is that people use supplements as crutches and band-aides. A protein shake will not make you gain muscle if you’re not hittin the gym and fat burners won’t keep you skinny if you’re slamming cocktails and quesadillas every night. Supplements are exactly that; supplementation to a diet and workout program. So what do you need? These are the staple supplements every fit chick should have:-Fish Oil or MCT Oil-Isolated Whey Protein



    • Of course there is so much more we could add, take away, or argue but to me these are the necessities for myself and my clients. Where to go? Axis Labs performance supplements literally changed my training; I don’t use their products, I depend on them!
    • -Post recovery
    • -A multivitamin


  • I can’t.






Work Hard.                Lift Heavy.          Live Blessed.





  1. Tracy · June 2, 2014

    Alysha, Hi you might remember me from down in Miami a million years ago (2005) I think. Tracy Church. Nancy’s half brother. I was visiting with your Dad, Nancy and Clayton this weekend down in Key West and they mentioned your site. I thought that I would give it a look see. It is very nice,and the best thing that I saw on here was (my biggest mistake) looking me square in the face. I THINK THAT I CAN OUT WORK A SHITTY DIET. My diet may not be shitty, but I find my self eating certain things and justifying them with ( I go to the gym every morning, I can eat what I want). I have known that my diet could use some work for some time now. I am not familiar with the macros. What is that? And also, congratulations on your success!

  2. justafitchick · June 2, 2014

    Tracy!!! Hey long time my friend; so good to hear from you! Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m a huge believer in flexible dieting and macro nutrients; I’d love to walk you though it! I train clients all over the country and it’s so easy to fit to ANY lifestyle! Msg. Me at and we’ll set up a time to chat and catch up; looking forward to it!

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