7 Fitness Chicks You Should Be Following!

Ashley Horner

Ashley Horner

I’m not going to try to pretend that I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, intense gym determination in my veins, daily diet intentions to eat like a saint. Some days I wake up and well, I’m human?

Today for example, I felt horrible; tired, hungry, pissed off at the world for absolutely no reason at all other than its Thursday, I’ve been putting in long days at work, gym, and life and I’d rather do about anything right now than step foot in a gym.

While contemplating my fall from grace and the workout universe, I started scrolling through Instagram. Within minutes and finger scrolls, I was lost in pics, videos, and quotes of my favorite fitness girls.

Suddenly I went from a kitten serial killer mood to thinking, “I should do that on leg day. OMG; that chick’s abs are bangin! Quinoa cakes; I could totally make those.”

So with that being said I thought I’d share the ladies that not only motivate me in the gym, but inspire me on my days were I’m less than a “Fit Chick” and more like a “I’m going to eat an entire bag of chips and murder the first person I see chick”.

7 Women in Fitness You Should Follow Right Now:

Amanda Latona

Amanda Latona


  • Ashley Horner (@ashley_horner) This is truly my role model; not because she has two kids, a WBFF pro, runs iron man competitions, or has the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen. Ashley Horner is my role model because she’s the first fitness chick that inspired me to be me. Messy hair, tattoos, and quotes that have made me cry; this chick isn’t afraid to be herself and she couldn’t be a bigger inspiration or badass in my eyes. She’s real and the biggest inspiration to me!
  • Sammybfit (@WithPeanutButterOnTop) I’m can’t lie; I found her searching peanut butter (we’ve talked about my obsession before and I’m working on it) This chick has so many amazing, healthy recipes! A great girl to follow for breakfast and dinner inspiration! She has also turned me to many other foodies and fitness gals that I love!
  • Amanda Adams (@amandaadamsfit) Remember those chicks in high school that were beautiful, smart, sweet, and everyone’s vote for prom queen? Well Amanda Adams is the prom queen of the fitness world. As I followed her, I began to see a lot more than a beautiful girl and fitness body; she is a genuine, real, country girl. She blogs about women in the career world and her passion for people and fitness; which I just love! Follow this girl for a real look at a fitness chick; not just ab selfies and airbrushed photos; real advice by a very real girl.
  • Amanda Latona (@amandalatona) You should be following Ms. Latona for 1 reason; she has the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen! I literally carried her booty around as my screen saver for 4 months as motivation to build (was that creepy?) Besides being the booty queen of the IFBB, she’s been in the sport of bodybuilding for 10 years and knows a thing or two about consistency!
  • Chady Dunmore (@chadyd) Chances are you follow Chady. She’s kina the biggest thing in fitness right now. I love following her because her posts are genuine and positive; and she has a great story! Plus, this chick is everywhere! Follow her for inspiration, new fitness tips, and just to watch her story; she’s incredible!
  • Mima (@cookinwithmima) Amazing recipes I can actually make; check. Foodie pictures that make me want to devour protein cheesecake; check. Actual recipes, not just website info to her posts; check. I follow Mima because she actually puts the recipes with her posts, so I don’t have to search all over to find what I need in the grocery store. She also adds great recipes that I can make in bulk!
  • Lyzabeth Lopez (@lyzabethlopez) You know all the crazy, fun workout videos you see roaming IG; well chances are they started from this girl! She is so creative and has a body to kill for! Follow her to spice up your normal routine or find other great fitness chicks to follow.

I don’t follow girls to compare myself to how far I need to go; I follow girls to appreciate hard workers like myself who pave the way!

IG, Facebook, twitter; they can put you down if you don’t put yourself in check. Fitness girls should inspire! Remember most of these ladies have made long careers and this isn’t their first rodeo. They had to start somewhere just like you; so add away fit chicks!

The next time your lacking your gym motivation; remember inspiration can just be a scroll away!

Amanda Adams (Rowland)

Amanda Adams (Rowland)


Work.Hard  Lift.Heavy    Live.Blessed

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