9 Sentences that Changed my life; What’s your 9?

Anyone who’s spent any time with me knows that I love one-liners. It fascinates me how a feeling, emotion, or memory can be summed up in a word or sentence.

I could probably sum up each chapter in my life with a sentence actually; one word if we really need to get poetic.

So it had me thinking, was there ever a time when one of these sentences changed me?

Started something, changed my course, or even better changed my mind. What about you?

What was that one sentence that changed your life?

These statements don’t always come at you in a positive appearance and if you’re anything like me, they came through pain, struggle, knowledge; and when I’m lucky; bad ass moments in my life.


9 Sentences that changed my life:


There are hundreds of girls just like you, it’s crazy to think you’ll stand out. Someone very close to me said this early in my career. That shit hurt; I loved that person and their acceptance, at the time, meant the world to me.

It’s funny the riddle should go like this “First comes love, then comes sentences, then comes break ups and prison chambers”.

This sentence started as hurt, turned to fuel, and now stands as a reminder to me. There ARE hundreds of girls like me, but instead of trying to be ahead of them or compete with them, I joined them. There’s no better feeling that lifting up vs. pushing one another down.

Be like a feather. Belong to something, but you gotta float on your own. My father, who I call Diddy, is kina the coolest man in the world. Although he does not recall this sentence, poetically fueled by a Gin and Tonic night, I remembered it.

He’s right. Whether it be family, a community, your faith; every part of your story has to start with roots somewhere, but before you can appreciate those roots, you have to do the leg work by yourself to figure it out.

I belong to my roots, very proudly I might add, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t and still don’t drift away from them from time to time. I’ve learnt that be brave enough to leave and be even braver to return home is what makes you humble.


Stop playing the victim. This one sentence literally changed an era for me. I have spent a majority of my life playing victim. “I’m not this. I can’t do that. I’m just not that lucky”

Well I’ve learnt that’s just bullshit. I’m not the victim of anything but myself, and I fight every day to appreciate my struggles as blessings, not burdens.

You changed my life. I’ve done a lot of cool shit in my life, but nothing can compare to when someone expresses that you’ve made an impact in their life. I always knew that I wanted to inspire, I just wasn’t sure how. When I started in this industry I thought I should be a fitness specimen, show how dedicated; how hard I was, but let’s face it: perfect people suck and they’re un-believable because perfect people don’t exist.

I was brave enough one day to share my story to the world, on this blog actually. I let it all out; not the cookie-cutter fitness story, but the real one. The messy, vulnerable, dark one; the story that exposes who I really am: a survivor, fighter, and perfectly imperfect girl figuring it out one step at a time.

A short time later, a girl sent me a message about how my story inspired her to get help and share what she’d been hiding for a very long time. I knew right then and there that if I ever wanted to truly inspire others the key to your story can unlock someone else’s prison. Changing lives is sharing your testimony; clean or messy.

Suck it. This changed my life not because it was told to me, but because I blurted it out one day, after a very frustrating conversation.

I hate conflict, I repel drama, and for the most part I like to make people happy as much as possible. Sometimes though, as hard as you try, the ones you show kindness and patience too, just don’t like to return the favor. At that point, tell them to suck it, drop the mike, and keep steppin. That’s exactly what I did and it was a great lesson learned.

Dust yourself off and get the hell back on. I grew up on a ranch and when I was 4, my daddy bought me a pony and this thing was two hooves short of being Lucifer.

One day while out riding Lucifer, he proceeded to take off running, dragging me through tree brush for a mile or so. After successfully stopping branch after branch with my face, I fell off.

Tears welling up in my eyes, Freddy Crooger scratches across my face, I looked up expecting to find my dad running to my rescue. Disappointed; I yelled out for him to help.

He just rode by, told me to brush myself off and climb the hell back on.

In that moment I learnt something; sometimes you fall down and bust your ass, and the only person who needs to pick yourself off the ground is you. You don’t need to be saved or rescued, you just need to climb back on.

It is what it is. Every time I hear this, I roll my eyes. We all say it. “It is what it is”; duh, but what if it really, really sucks?

Well, I’m learning to accept this: that it just really sucks. There’s no reason to worry, fret, or stress. The only thing you can let life be is what it is.

The best time to gamble is when you have nothing to lose. My journey to my current place in life was a long, drawn-out road of hard lessons learned. My daddy told me this and it changed my thinking forever.

I was broke, basically homeless, dumped at the time, and I was contemplating moving back home and giving up on this whole fitness thing; and honestly myself. My dad explained to me that the best time to put it all on the line is when you’ve hit rock bottom so hard, you can’t go anywhere but up.

This one sentence made me pack my butt up, move back to Denver, and I was determined to not just get back on my feet, but flourish. This sentence taught me to be relentless about what makes your heart happy. I decided to be the girl that changed her mind and tried to change the world; one gamble at a time.

She believed she could, so she did. I saw this on pinterest one day; I know original right? But this one is pretty self-explanatory. I repeat this to myself every, single day.

Every single day I get up, and I do it better than the day before. Why?

Because I’m walking proof that if you truly believe in not just your ability, but your belief in yourself, you’ll do it.

There’s my nine. I’m sure there’s some I’ve forgotten, or have been misplaced in between 26 years of the chaotic, beautiful, crazy thing I’ve called life.

I’ll be honest; I have no idea what my next 9 could be. The point is that I’ve opened myself up enough to hear the words; no matter how painful or the cost they came with.

We are quick to judge and citizen others for not listening, remembering, changing…..but how can we start with anyone else until we listen to ourselves and what we’re already heard?

So I challenge you friends to sit down and write down your nine.

Ten things that changed you, molded you, or that your stubborn ass still isn’t listening too and learn.

Once you know your nine, find it in yourself to possibly be the person that gives to someone else’s 9.

“Once a spoken word can never be returned”…..let’s all make sure they’re good ones.

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Work.Hard Lift.Heavy Live.Blessed



  1. Laura-is-Inspired · July 9, 2014

    what a great post! i love the 9 sentences! now i have to go and think about it and figure out my own. i do know that the common phrase “live and learn” really speaks to me. i tend to beat myself up all the time for not getting something right, so reminding myself just to live and learn is helpful. now i’m off to go find the ones that mean the most to me 🙂 great idea!

    • justafitchick · July 9, 2014

      Awesome laura! It’s crazy when u really sit down and think it out what you come up with, thanks for sharing!

      • Laura-is-Inspired · July 9, 2014

        you’re welcome 🙂 another one of mine is: love wins. i’ve been thinking about it all day! 🙂

  2. jenelder · July 16, 2014

    Your an amazing young lady and such an inspiration!

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