What Fruit Can Do For Fit Chicks: 11 Fruits you should be adding in you diet.



I come from bodybuilder land. The land of no fruit and well, no fun.

My last 2 competitions, I threw out the rules and enjoyed fruits as a great source of carbs and anti-oxidants. And you know what? Not one poor slice of banana or sliver of strawberry made a difference, so suit the fruit up sisters!


11 Fruits Fit Chicks Need in their Diet Now:

Rasberries: Packed with anti-oxidants and the extract from raspberry keytones (Not Dr. Oz’s, the real stuff) can be a natural metabolism booster.

½ Cup:   32 calories

-Blackberries: Another great source on antioxidants, blackberries may also reduce the risk of stroke and cancer in women.

½ cup: 31 calories

-Strawberries: Great aid in digestion and complexion, strawberries are lower in carbs and sugar than most fruits and one of my favs!

½ cup: 27 calories

Mango: Mangos are my jam! High in the antioxidants that protect vision in women. The only dried fruit that I eat!

½ medium mango:   54 calories

-Apples: Red apples have a better nutritional content and the vitamins that lie within the skin. This is my favorite pre-workout snack with peanut butter.

1 medium apple:   74 calories


-Pears: Pears are packed with fiber and a great tool to aide with women’s digestion and prevent constipation.

1 medium pear: 95 calories

-Tomatoes: Yes, they’re considered a fruit. I love tomatoes; between salsa, sauce on my quinoa or just plain, tomatoes are a great way to reduce cholesterol and add flavor to anything!

1 medium tomato: 22 calories

-Grapefruit: The citrus in grapefruits help in fighting cravings and are a great way to add flavor to my fish and poultry dishes. Helps in the fight to lower cholesterol levels as well as naturally help boost metabolism.

½ grapefruit:   52 calories

-Cherries: Cherries are a great inflammatory fighter! Try not to heat them up, most of the vitamin c is lost when they are heated.

½ cup: 46 calories

-Bananas: Besides being the most amazing partner to peanut butter (you know I had too) , Bananas are high in potassium and help with soreness. This is a higher carb count of most fruit so keep servings to one a day.

1 medium banana:   150

Avocados: This is how I take in a majority of my fat and the best part of ‘cados, is they go great with everything! Avocados have twice the protein content as bananas and are great post workout fruits.

½ avocado:   114 calories


Now fruit is sugar and carbs, put placed correctly in your daily diet, fruit can have a place on your plate and in your heart!

The best time to take in fruit is pre-workout and post, unless you’re hitting the weights at night. If that’s the case, make sure to add your fruit portions early in the day or with your first meal.

My favorite places to add in my fruit are in salads, oatmeal, sautéed on my flank steak, and fruit is a great add in for smoothies!

Love to hear your feedback on how you fit chicks get your fruit! You can send your recipes and pictures to alysha@justafitchick.com for a chance to be featured in my upcoming cook book!


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