Why Starbucks is Making You Jiggle: 10 Starbucks Drinks That Won’t Blow Your Diet


We all do it. Stand in line, cell phones in hand, patiently taking out 30 minutes of our morning to do one thing: wait for our favorite coffee drink in the Starbucks line.


I live in Denver, what seems to be the mecca of Ugg boots, lulu pants, and starbuck’s drinkers. So every morning on the way to work, I see tons of women sipping away their venti cups of happiness.

What I have noticed recently, is that the same women strolling with their lattes are working their butts off in the gym and not seeing a lot of progress; I have a possible answer and it’s not the 100 grams of carbs you’re eating a day in your meals; it’s the 56 grams of carbs you’re drinking twice a day!

Starbucks, gas station lattes, and your morning coffee shop treats are giving your body more than some extra java; they’re killing your progress through hidden sugar, carbs, and calories!

Your Spiced Vanilla Chai tea? 56 grams of carbs.

Your vanilla latter? 32 grams of carbs, even in a tall.

But before you have a caffeine melt down; don’t worry ladies! I’ve made it simple to pick your favorite coffee creations you love without adding that extra love on your hips.

10 Starbucks Drinks that won’t Blow your Diet:


-Skinny Vanilla Latte:                                                                      Calories: 90                         Fat: 0

-Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato:                                                    Calories: 140                       Fat: 1

-Coffee Frappuccino with light syrup:                                     Calories: 20                         Fat: 0

-Non-Fat Iced Vanilla Latte:                                                         Calories: 120                       Fat: 0

-Tazo Passion Fruit Tea with Splenda:                                     Calories: 0                           Fat: 0

-Iced Coffee with Light Syrup and Non-Fat milk:                Calories: 10                         Fat: .5

-Café Americano with Splenda:                                                 Calories: 10                         Fat: 0

-Iced Skinny Latte:                                                                           Calories: 60                         Fat: 0

-Soy Tazo Chair Tea Latte:                                                            Calories: 170                       Fat: 2

-Iced Americano with Splenda:                                                  Calories: 15                         Fat: 0

So there’s the top picks for your caffeine fix. I am what you call a retired “Bucks Addict” and I love coffee drinks so much that I’ve resorted to allowing a $10 maximum on my card for Starbucks treats. I decided to find my own recipe for my favorite Starbucks drink, Cinnamon Dolce Latte, that I could have every morning; guilt free.


Al’s Protein Cinnamon Dolce Latte

What’s in it:

½ scoop Axis Labs Clutch Vanilla Protein, ½ cup light almond milk, 1 tbs. Splenda, cinnamon spices, 1 cup Keurig French vanilla cup.


How to make it:

Place vanilla protein, almond milk, Splenda in bottom of your favorite mug. Pour brewed coffee into mug and stir with spoon until blended and add 2 dashes of cinnamon on top.

Don’t make the mistake ladies of drinking away all your hard work on lattés!  A fitness lifestyle is not about taking away what you love or those little indulgences; its about finding the alternatives that work for you and your goals!


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