In the spirit of Labor Day, I felt this week’s post would only be appropriate.

Whether you’re a wino, a whiskey girl, or a beer baller; alcohol can play a huge part in your fitness goals.

When it comes to my own goals; once again balance plays a huge part in how much I party it up. During my competition preps; I  almost eliminate all alcohol, not because the calorie or carb content, but because alcohol is hell on a girl’s water retention. During my off-season and normal workout routine, I keep it to a couple of drinks on the weekends and ALWAYS log it into my macros.

The biggest factor when it comes to drinking and fitness, is making sure you’re not drinking all your carbs, sugars, and calories with hidden sweet drinks and carb stacked beer.

So don’t fret fit chicks, I’ve broken your booze down so you can have your fun and still make your fitness goals!

Hard Alcohol

So this may be your best bet for your progress, but your worst for the headache the next day! Clear, light liqueur pared with low or zero calorie mixers is the sure way to go! Be careful, although friendly to the carb count, they can be potent brews!


Absolut (96 cals, 0g carbs per serving)

Grey Goose (96 cals, 0g carbs per serving)

Smirnoff (97 cals, 0g carbs per serving)

*Pair these vodkas with tonic water, soda water and a splash of sprite, or my favorite Mio grape and water.


Makers Mark: (110 cals, 0g carbs per serving)

Jack Daniels (98 cals, 0g carbs per serving)

Jameson (100 cals, 0g carbs per serving)

*I’m THE whiskey girl! My favorite whiskey drinks are Jamo and diet sprite or Makers with diet ginger ale and lime; a less calorie take on the Moscow mule.


Bacardi: (98 cals, 0g carbs per serving)

Captain Morgan: (86 cals, 0g carbs per serving)

Malibu: (81 cals, 0 g carbs per serving)

*You can get crazy with rum! This is great if you have a sweet tooth and favor fruity drinks! I’ll put Malibu and coconut sparking water together or use a shot of Bacardi with light cranberry juice.


Wine has been my new drink when I’m out and about or enjoying dinner. Great way to get extra antioxidants and won’t kill your calorie or carb count. The key to wine is to stick to reds and less fruity whites; they can be packed with sugar.

Red Wine

Cabarnet Sauvignon: (120 cals; 4g carbs)

Merlot: (120 cals; 4g carbs)

Pinot Noir: (123 cals; 4 g carbs)

*This is a great addition to your steak, chicken, or fish dinners. On a personal note, I tend to hold less water or bloat when drinking wine.

White Wine

Chardonnay: (110 cals; 5g carbs)

Riesling: (110 cals; 5g carbs)

Sauvignon Blanc: (112 cals; 5g carbs)


If you’re trying to get a buzz on and still fit into your skinny jeans the next day; beer probably shouldn’t be your thing. Most beers are fairly low in alcohol and high in calories and carbs; but sometimes a girl just needs a cold bottle neck! Here are your best choices:

Light Lagers

Bud Light: (110 cals, 6.6g carbs)

Coors Light: (102 cals, 5g carbs)

Amstel Light: (95 cals, 5g carbs)


Sam Adams Pale Ale: (160 cals; 19g carbs)

Blue Moon: (164 cals; 13g carbs)


Guiness: (128 cals; 10.6g carbs)

Sam Adams Oatmeal Stout: (150 cals; 10g carbs)


Woodchuck Amber: (200 cals; 13.4g carbs)

Angry Orchard: (190 cals; 12g carbs)



So next time you’re getting a little “white girl wasted” (hey, we’ve all been there) make sure your keep your carb and calorie count in check with your cocktails.

Remember, the most important part to your fitness is staying consistent and keeping on track. By using the Flex Dieting outline and logging my daily macros; I can fit drinks AND dinner into my normal routine.

Cheers fit chicks!

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  1. Mo · September 17, 2014

    How do you track the calories/macros when there is only 3 gr carbs? That doesn’t account for the rest of the calories so where do you “fit” those?

  2. justafitchick · September 18, 2014

    You’re taking those grams or “numbers” from your total macro nutrient intake.

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