9 Months Out: Week 1

If you’re reading this, you’re probably finding yourself in two situations: mama to be or mama veteran.

So welcome to Knocked Up: 9 months out!


Before we continue on this journey together, I should probably tell you about myself.

I have no damn clue what I’m talking about.

I mean, I’m the chick you go too for workout advice, carbs, abs for summer; well, anything but babies and being a mother. I’m a personal trainer, fiancé, Kansas native residing in Denver, and like any new mom, completely excited and somewhat overwhelmed to be pregnant with my first child.

But I know I’m not the only mama out there with these feeling, so like all my blogs, I’m giving you my road to baby number 1 with complete transparency, honesty, and well some humor.

I decided to write this first blog for one reason: the second I found out I was pregnant, I scoured the internet like a psycho, and found nothing on what to do the first week you find out your expecting.

So my fresh to find out moms, here’s 6 tips on what to do the FIRST WEEK YOU’RE PREGNANT:

DON’T BE A PHYCHO. Whether you’ve been trying for months or this little nugget is a complete surprise; finding out your preggers is still a big reality shock. Two pink lines just changed your life forever; notice I said changed, not ruined or fixed everything; just changed.

So first call to action is to tell your fella, and this can be tricky. My approach was crying dramatically, while he laughed uncontrollably (it makes sense if you’ve seen me cry). Or some women choose to let it settle before telling the Mr. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way or timing to share this with your partner; it’s changing his life too. But there is a correct attitude to use in this situation: open outlook.

Tell him your thoughts, listen to his, and above all, this is the first chance to be a team together. Take advantage of that.

GET YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW. I took 4 pregnancy tests before I finally believed, that indeed, I was pregnant and if I can give one piece of advice, on what calms a new mama and that’s too see a doctor and get precise information on your little one.

Don’t worry about finding your OBYN on the first visit, a general practitioner will do, and they can also give you direction on doctor referrals. The only information you need to calm yourself right now is how far along you are, your baby is on the way, and that you can officially start letting the whole “pregnancy” thing soak in.

TIME TO KICK THE HABITS. Wine? Its out. Smoking? Yea, that too. Even though you may not feel pregnant, you are sister! So start kicking those little habits ASAP.

KEEP A SECRET. So you’re pregnant and you want to tell the whole world! You should, well kina.

If I’ve learnt one thing from pregnancy, is that they are full of surprises and can be devastating with certain expectations. Whether you’re 5 or 10 weeks along, consult with your doctor when is a safe time to share the big news.

I think telling a couple close friends or family members for support is great! But telling the whole world, so early can be a little overwhelming.

Give yourself and your partner some time to let things soak in and feel comfortable before you drop the baby thing to the world, in my opinion. Besides, this is a time to bond with your partner and I loved having a secret to ourselves for a couple weeks; it made it special to us.


EXPECT NOTHING. Whoa! Coming from a glowing pregnant lady, this sounds a little harsh huh? Well, let me explain. When I first became pregnant, I had this picture-perfect idea of being eating perfect meals for my baby, working out and being that “fit mom”, and of course, I would be a more determined career woman than ever! Well ladies that just wasn’t the case.

By week 9, I was praying over the porcelain throne, couldn’t eat anything, and standing over 30 minutes, pretty much made me feel like I was going to pass out. Workouts? Ha! I was just trying to get pants on each day. Perfect meals? I ate mashed potatoes for 5 weeks straight only. And that go-getting career woman I was 3 weeks prior? Well, I just wanted to get enough energy to brush my hair.

My point is, that there is NOTHING on the this planet to prepare or explain what the next 9 months will be like exactly for you, so don’t put the pressure on. Stay optimistic and let yourself have one expectation: to be the best you can for that day only. Every pregnancy is different and you will eventually find some beauty in knowing what your own will be.

GETS SOME GRAINS OF SALT. Something about being pregnant, made me want to read every article, book, blog I could get my hands on my first week of knowing. I kept searching for that one thing that told me, “This is your complete directions to pregnancy.” I never found it, and neither will you most likely.

Learning, asking, searching is a great way to prepare yourself for the next 9 months, but don’t worry about knowing it all, one week in.

Also, comparing pregnancies can be just as frustrating. What works for one, might be your holy grail, what works for another, might be useless to you. Just focus on the basics on information right now and let the rest come; trust me, it will! “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” was a great book for me in the beginning, and just asking the moms I knew, for advice, kept me calm.

Just remember that this is YOUR pregnancy and YOUR journey, there are no rules but the rules you decide are best for you and little one.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I’m not a nurse, a veteran mom, a doctor, or an expert. What I am is a first time mom, that doesn’t mind being completely transparent about my journey.

I’ll be filling you in on this journey, every step or waddle of the way. I want to open this blog as a community for advice, stories, and mom relief to all of you!

So here we go, 9 months out, and week 1 out of the way!

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Work.Hard  Lift.Heavy  Live.Blessed


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