Signed up for your first Tough Mudder? Start Here….Cont


If you checked in last week, you would see we went over the basics of what to expect when signing up for your first obstacle challenge.

You have your race day picked, got your gear, and now the real fun begins; training!

As I touched on last week, relying on just logging miles and hitting your basic weights is not going to cut it! So I’m going to give you guys a look at one week of my “Warrior” Trainer that got me prepared for my first Tough Mudder:

The Warrior Trainer

Workout 1

Circuit 1
BB Walking lunges 1×25 Burpees 1×15
Overhead BB Squat 1×20
Circuit 2
BB Sumo Squat 1×15 Weighted Hyper Extension 1×15
Jump Squat 1×15
Circuit 3
Heavy Hack Squat 1×15 Dead Lifts 1×15
Box Jumps 1×20

Workout 2

Circuit 1
Decline Push Up 1×14 DB Chest Press 1×15
DB Overhead Extension 1×15 Deadmill Sprint 1 minute
*4 rounds *30 sec rest
Circuit 2
Chest Flys 1×15 Tricep cable Pull Downs 1×15
Treadmill sprint 1 minute
*3 rounds *90 sec rest
Circuit 3
Overhead Cable Extension 1 x 20 Cable Bicep Curl 1×12
Deadmill sprint 1 minute
*2 Rounds *No Rest

Workout 3

Road Warrior Session 1

5 minute warm up on treadmill

3 minute 70 degrees walking incline with 25 pd. Plate above head

5 minute moderate treadmill jog

3 minute walking lunges with 10 pd DB

5 minute brisk treadmill jog

1 minute sprint

5 minute moderate treadmill jog

8, 45 sec. deadmill pushes

Workout 4

AMRAP Workout

Time: 20 minutes

Box Jumps: 18 reps

Pull Ups: 15 reps

Jump Rope: 100 reps

Ring Rows: 10 reps

Weighted Thrusters: 8 reps

Cheers to finishing the "Toughest Race on Earth"

Cheers to finishing the “Toughest Race on Earth”

This is just a glimpse in what my week 1 of training looked like. I follow a 4 work day, 2 rest day format on my obstacle training. I also look to start supplementing powerlifting, aerobic and anaerobic, and traditional endurance and obstacle course training later on in my training program.

My biggest tip? Keep your body guessing by switching your program every week by weight, endurance, speed, or reps. It’s also important to note, that trying to make advances in every aspect of training can be frustrating; focus on one improvement at a time.

I also suggest speaking to someone who has ran the course before if possible. They may give you insider insight to supplement in your future weeks of training.

Good luck competitors!

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Want the full Warrior Obstacle Race Trainer? Check out under the “trainer” tabs to purchase my full workout, diet, and endurance 8 week trainer!


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