9 Months Out: The First Trimester

The first trimester is by far the hardest time of pregnancy in my opinion.

It’s completely started to sink in that in you are indeed going to be a mama, but you don’t feel the glow, you’re still adjusting to the new mind set, and well for some of you lucky ladies, the toilet bowl is about to become you’re soul sister.

First trimester is tough, but it’s almost like Christmas in July….You know the very amazing thing that is about to happen in the upcoming months and you just can’t wait!

I have to be honest with you, my first trimester of pregnancy with my son wasn’t rainbows and kittens; in fact it was more like feeling the most extreme hangover you could imagine; for 36 days.

Yes, I threw up for 36 days straight and most days you could find me sleeping on my couch, trying to eat a bowl of mash potatoes, with my hair growing in dreads. I’m just making you so excited for the first trimester huh?

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Photo by Mike Larramore

But through all the midnight nausea sessions, TUMS overload, and potty sessions every 5 minutes; the first trimester is a really special time for all expecting moms, because you know at the end of this; you get the best and biggest gift of all: that sweet little.

So I’ve outlined some tips for Surviving the First Trimester:

Supply and Demand. This one might seem silly, but in my experience that LAST thing you ever want in your first trimester is to be out of toilet paper, TUMS, saltine crackers, and prayer.

To the women who are blessed with nausea free pregnancies, bless you, and yall can just skip to the next tip. For my other lovely ladies who are in the “hurl club” like me, I have some tips.

Gingerale, preggo pops, carbonated mineral water, saltine crackers, and TUMS might be your saving grace during those nausea times! None of this worked for me in particular, so I made sure to drink tons of water and pedialite (to stay hydrated), a small trash can by the bed (just in case), and no matter what, keeping some saltines by the bed to nibble on in the middle of the night.

Getting out and about is hard right now. You feel like a walking zombie, so don’t sweat not making every social event; pull that pregnancy card gf! Your friends will understand and you’ll soon join them again. And your stock pile of toilet paper you need? Trust me, you’ll use all of it!

Let the Campaign Begin. Moms love moms; one of the best parts of joining the new members only club, AND moms love giving advice- so just be ready.

As a new mom, I took in every shred of advice I ever heard; but just because I took it doesn’t mean I felt the pressure to follow it and neither should you.

Don’t be quick to decide a few weeks in, because almost 100% of the time you’ll be constantly changing your mind because well babies tend to decide that for us. I asked moms what they felt were the essentials and made a list from that for my baby registry. The non-essentials? Hold off until your baby is here and you can be the judge if they’re needed.

While at target, trying complete my baby registry (which I suggest not doing until the second trimester), I realized I knew completely nothing about baby stuff and within 10 minutes I was crying in the middle of the bottle aisle.

A super sweet veteran mom stepped in and offered her suggestion, and then another stepped in and offered her, and then anther proudly stated how they were both wrong and this bottle is the right one.

So now I was still crying and watching grown women argue over nipple sizes.

Moms love giving advice. Take it in and decide what feels best to you and at the end of the day don’t stress, because when your little is here, they’ll let you know what they like and you’ll be driving to target at 10 p.m. to get the different bottles anyway.

Organized Life, Happy Wife. I’m naturally an OCD psycho path with organization (bless my husband), and when I became pregnant I tried to organize every detail of my upcoming addition and boy was I in for a surprise!

Pregnancy is an amazing precursor to preparing your for mother hood; as hard as we try, part of being a mom is rolling with the punches and structure is obtainable but perfect organized harmony? Long gone sister! But there are things now to organize that make you feel better!

Set your dates for doctor’s appointments ahead of time, if you’re having a shower thrown for you, get the dates planned early, and whether you’re contemplating staying at home or going back to work; discuss and look at your finances with your partner to begin thinking of daycare, nanny services, and if you’re able to stay at home. Pre-planning your finances will make your transition postpartum so much easier!

Learn what Temporary Means. The day after I saw the two pink lines I started dreaming of being the perfect little fit mom; working out and being so proud of eating my veggies everyday. Well, that shit didn’t happen.

I couldn’t eat, which meant I couldn’t train, and the thought of eating a piece of broccoli sent me running to the bathroom. My perfect, fit mom dream was crushed…..temporarily.

First trimester can feel like forever when you’re unable to do the things you’re used too; but please here me mamas when I say: THIS IS TEMPORARY! EVERYTHING AND ANTYTHING YOU MISS OR WANT FOR YOUR HEALTH, LIFESTYLE, AND SOCIAL LIFE YOU’LL GET BACK! But for right now you’re just taking a time out and its ok.

Photo by Mike Larramore

Photo by Mike Larramore

Speak your Mind; Seriously. When you do become a mommy, speaking your mind seems to be no problem! And you’ll soon find out that once a little one is in the picture, a lot of attention and even opinions may surface from the ones around you.

Christmas and Thanksgiving? Yea, the new grandparents want to know when you’ll be there. And who’s in the delivery room? They want to know that too.

My advice is go with your gut and speak your mind on what you and your partner need to be in the best place; your friends and family will understand.

But just a heads up, I planned on having 2 people in my delivery room. I ended up with 6 and full length movie; like I said, roll with the punches.

Find the Right Habit. This is my favorite tip! You’ll soon find out that “your habits” change to “the baby’s habits” very quickly, but having a couple things all to yourself are priceless while pregnant and when you become a mom.

My husband and I made a short list of things we really enjoy doing together and separate that are habits we want to keep. He loves to play hockey and I love going to the gym or a long bath here and there.

We made the list, and decided that at any time; preggo or not, we would help and support one another to get too something on the list if we needed some time to ourselves.

“Me” time can feel like it’s disappearing with a newborn, but it not only makes you a better mom and partner, it allows you to really appreciate your life when you can step away for a second. Establish a healthy “me” habit now and it won’t be as hard to get too once your baby arrives.

Sorry this post was so long; but hey, the first trimester can feel so much longer! I’ll be posting soon all about the second trimester and I love hearing feedback from my other mamas!

I’m a first time mom. Not a doctor, therapist, or even a veteran at this thing! But I am a mama who loves being transparent about this 9 month journey, so thanks for letting me share!


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