9 Months Out: The Second Trimester

Well mama; you made it! Welcome to the second trimester or what I like to call the “babymoon phase”!

Photo by Mike Larramore

Photo by Mike Larramore

You made it through the days of worshiping the porcelain throne, saltine crackers, and yes, it’s sinking in “I’m having a baby!”

The 14th-27th week of pregnancy was my favorite by far…hormones are leveling out some, my appetite came back, and I started to get my little bump and for the first time, I felt more like a mama!

Now although the second trimester was my favorite; that doesn’t mean it didn’t come up a few bumps in the road, or 1 perfect bump! (I promise that will be my only bump joke)

The second phase of pregnancy is well, a mental game I’d say. Your clothes are getting snugger, your boobs are getting bigger, or in my case like human torpedoes, and my least favorite thing about the second trimester? Mentally it’s like being the middle child. Let me explain:

The first trimester you’re a bottle of excitement, and you still have SO much time to figure everything out for the next 9 months, the second trimester, if you’re like me, you get the urge to figure out everything right now but you still have a long road ahead.

My love. Taking me on an hour drive for a big ass cinnamon roll for a big ads craving.

My love. Taking me on an hour drive for a big ass cinnamon roll for a big ads craving.

By week 16, I was confronted with baby showers, picking a hospital, finding a birth plan, will I reveal the baby’s sex….. the list went on and on and honestly, I just wanted to lay in bed all day with no pants on and eat quesadillas.

The truth is yes, you do have to start making some plans, but you don’t have to have it all together right now. In fact, as a mom, you’ll never always feel like you have it together, but that’s a later blog.

I will give you a couple suggestions on things you DO want to accomplish in the second trimester:

Clothes. 1 pair of pants, shorts and a couple tops. Don’t break the bank, you’ll end up naked or in your man’s sweatpants most the time. Also, buying “in between” sizes are a good idea too. I was preggers during the summer and sun dresses, size balloon, saved me!

A good bra. Even if you’re a member of the committee; you know what I mean, you’ll need some extra support for the ladies. Don’t go cheap here either; your back will thank you.

A good workout or stretching routine. Sounds simple right? Not really. As you grow, the body responds different for each woman. Having the routine helps keep the habit long term, when you feel the size of a house.

Baby classes; if that’s your thing. I really hadn’t spent time with newborns before my son and my husband thought we should tour the hospital and take a first time parent class; this is what happened:

About 20 minutes into the tour I began to realize that I have no idea how to change a diaper, breast feed, what color to paint the baby room …..and in a couple months I’m really going to push a baby outta my…..holy shit! I was overwhelmed.

So I did what any strong, pregnant woman does: I cried in the car to my husband all the way home. Turns out though, I figured all that out, and knowing our way around the hospital was amazing piece of mind on the delivery day!

Virgin Marg's and a big bump!

Virgin Marg’s and a big bump!

The fun stuff.  Names, baby showers, and pregnancy cravings.  Girl, live it up!  Because pretty soon your life is going to be a lot different.  Brian and I took our baby moon for the weekend in the second trimester and it was the best idea!  You and your partner have an amazing bond during this process and there’s nothing more fun than to cheers some virgin margs and talk non-stop about this upcoming little.


The best way to look at these weeks is that it is the calm before the storm. Focus on the basics and truly enjoy this time! There will be plenty of time to focus on delivery, bringing home baby, and waddling around Babies’R’Us crying about a breast pump. I can’t wait to share that story with you guys!

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