9 Months Out: The Third Trimester


You’re waddling. You’re hot. You’re SO over it and you could pee your pants you’re so excited! (or just because that happens now)

Congrats Mama! You’re in your third trimester!



The third trimester can vary greatly from mom to mom; sometimes it’s smooth sailing, other times it well, kina sucks!

My third trimester with my son was in essence physically so much easier than my previous trimesters, but emotionally? Whoa baby, did I get a whole bundle of hormones!


The only way to stay cool at 36 weeks preggers in August.


It all started one day while I was standing in front of the fridge-partially cooling off (it was august) but mainly chowing down on cheese, cherries and hard boiled eggs (my strangest pregnancy craving so far!) when I looked closed the fridge and saw our most recent sonogram picture.

At first I smiled and held my belly, thinking to myself “I can’t wait to meet you baby boy”.

But then, without warning I began to sob, thinking in a couple weeks I AM GOING TO MEET YOU and I missed the breast feeding class because I was sick, I gave up putting on the baby wrap because I couldn’t understand the directions, and I’m just so sweaty I cant even think straight!

So there I was sitting on the kitchen floor, crying, eating cherries; wondering what kind of mother I was going to be?

Well, it turns out, I ended up doing a pretty good job and that day was an emotional one, but they weren’t all like that. There was a lot of really great days ahead! So if you’re stressing mom; don’t! You have so many days to worry but so many more to find out its all ok!

I strangely became very calm as my due date approached and I think a big part of that was a to-do list I made and each day tackled one day at a time:

-Pre-register at the hospital and take a tour. It made me and my husband so much calmer on delivery day.

-Find a pediatrician. I choose a practice with multiple pediatricians and it’s been so easy to schedule appointments.

Schedule newborn pictures now if you want them, or designate 1 person in the family to get all the delivery rooms pictures. YOU WILL CHERISH THESE LATER.


-Get the “big” stuff done. We got the crib done, clothes washed and put away, diaper bag ready, and my overnight bag done weeks ahead of time; just in case, and it gave me great piece of mind.

-Talk plans. Brian and I discussed feeding schedules, chore lists, date nights, child care; basically everything about this big change, we talked about it and made a plan. We soon realized that plan can change a lot once he was with us, but having a set understanding of a schedule and responsibilities made for a smoother transition once the baby arrived.

Pamper yourself. Well you’re swollen, waddling, and feel as big as a house; you definitely don’t feel your sexiest! But I did a couple things the last weeks to help make ME feel better. I got a pedicure, went to the stylist, stocked up on my make-up and picked up a couple outfits that would probably fit postpartum. I wanted to enjoy my last few weeks of quiet and make sure if there was a day after the baby I had enough time to get all gussied up; I would have something there. Because trust me, your first few weeks postpartum; you won’t feel like shopping, or in my case even brushing your hair!

I did make a couple mistakes in my third trimester that I QUICKLY realized after the baby and that was:

2015-05-25 17.48.51

Not taking the breast feeding class. I read a book? What more did I need? Well turns out a lot! After an all-nighter  and both of us on the verge of losing our sanity, we called in a private lactation consultant that was a game changer! Yes, it did help having the baby there, but I still wish I would have been more prepared.

Not taking enough pictures. I was SO OVER being pregnant by the third trimester! I was not taking anymore cute “bump” pictures! Because I didn’t feel cute, I felt like a beached whale! But now looking back, I wish I had more memories of those moments; even if I was the shape of Pooh Bear’s body!

-Nesting Overload. I’m slightly OCD by nature, but by the time the 3 tri rolled around I was a nesting maniac! I cleaned every crevice, got rid of any clothes that I thought I wouldn’t fit into later, and at one point I was organizing his diapers to all be the same direction….. it was madness! And although it made me feel better at the time, I quickly learned that all that control? It goes to the wayside when your little arrives. Instead of obsessing, I wish I would have enjoyed the down time more! Besides, that leather jacket I donated? It would have more than fit and it was my favorite.


By the time you are in your last weeks of the 9 month journey you either have it all done or nothing and you know what? Either way you’ll be totally fine!

Take it one day at a time. One weekly check up at a time and know that you got this mama!

Keep your eyes peeled; in the next couple weeks I’ll be talking all about my delivery story and what to do once you get to the hospital!

I’m sharing all the details; yes, even the farts, screams, and tears about the best day of my life!

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