Have a New Born? Do this Workout Now.

9 months into my pregnancy, I thought “Oh I can’t wait to be jogging with my baby, going to the gym everyday and getting back to my routine”….this is going to be so fun right?


3 weeks after having my son I couldn’t wait to have even 20 minutes of sleep consecutively, maybe brush my hair everyday if I was lucky, and routine? What routine? Other than feed, change a diaper, wash more clothes, feed again, wash more clothes- that was the ONLY routine I was getting too.

But where there is a will, even in new born land, there’s a way!

From 1-6 weeks postpartum your main goal should be recovery! And building back strength in your pelvic floor and core. (Special blog on that good stuff to come) but there are quick, easy workouts to get too even if your little isn’t napping.

Try to start with 3 workouts per week, completely in your home, with just body weight. All of these workouts can be even done with the baby in carrier or in a bouncy next to you.

Workout 1

Body weight squats at 50 degrees (hands out)        10 x 3

Reverse lunge (alternating legs)

                 10 x 3

Glute press off floor

                  20 x 3

Good mornings (hands fully extended horozontally)

                  12 x 3

-10 minute walk

Workout 2

Side lunge (alternating each side

                 50 reps

Super mans

                50 reps

Fire hydrants (each side)

                50 reps

Body roll (knees in table top position)

              50 reps

-10 minute walk

Workout 3

Plank hold

           Max time x 5

Leg lifts off floor (5-10 inches, alternating legs)

            20 x 3

Push up (can be from knee position)

             8 x 5

Inch worms (from standing position)

             10 x 3

Plank hold

            Max time x 3

These workouts are designed for women postpartum for 1-6 weeks. They can be modified to be more challenging as you progress, by adding weight and more repetition.

 I also have an amazing downloadable trainer specifically designed for women 6 weeks post baby and up ( http://www.justafitchick.com/?page_id=454 ) Includes a custom nutrition program and 4 week progressive workouts made for at home workouts.

Whether I was walking or doing an at home workout, I absolutely loved my boba carrier.(http://www.boba.com/baby-carrier#Dusk)

I found the typical wraps were too hot to workout with and the carrier version gave the lil guy the support he needed. The design is also great for saving your posture and back!

Remember to always keep the weight in your heels, chest up, shoulders back, and your core engaged the entire time you’re wearing an infant carrier.

Any walking or mobility exercise is a great way to speed up the recovery process. I started at a short walk around the block and by week 6 was walking 2 miles. Just be sure to listen to your body and take it one day at a time!

Being a mom is hard! Finding time for yourself and keeping your body healthy shouldn’t be! 

Keep it simple. Keep it working for your NEW routine!

I’ll be adding tons of new postpartum training up to my blog very soon, so keep an eye out! Also, I love hearing your comments on how all you busy mama’s get to fitness! Keep them coming gals!


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