Your At-Home Gym…Under $100, that Actually Works!

It’s January and whether you are full steam ahead on your New Year’s resolution or maybe, well, you’re finally getting around to it…. Workouts are on the brain! 

Moms, cross fitters, runners, couch potatoes; we’re not that different.

We all have one common denominator: making time to workout.

Go to the gym? Not gonna happen.

At-home gym? Can’t afford it.

Well hate to break it to ya, but we don’t have any more excuses, because you can workout at home and afford it. Here’s how…

Your At-Home Gym Under $100:


Price: $60-$140

Why you need it? Barbells are my #1 piece of equipment for my at-home gym. BB’s are a great way to incorporate full body functional training, strength training, and cardio without a cardio machine.

It’s also a great way to isolate and tone the upper and lower body without taking up too much space. Adjust weight with your goals and your workouts.

My favorite barbell exercises: thrusters, high rows, overhead press, squats, lunges, and ab rolls.

  From: Walmart
Resistance Bands

Price: $5-$19

Why you need it: This is how I tone my lower body! Use it to assist heavy lifts, use ankle straps for glute work, or use them to tighten arms.

Takes zero space and under $20? Everyone should have these in their gyms.

My favorite resistance band exercise: duck walks, inch worms, biceps curls, kick backs, and reverse flies.
Kettle bell

Price: $10-20

Why you need it: This one can be skipped for overall gym workouts, but this small, gym piece can totally transform a workout!

Use it for heart rate with cardio moves, or work on strength with overhead swings

My favorite kettle bell moves: KB swings, 1-arm snatch, high row, sumo squats, and overhead walking lunges.


Price: $5-30

Why you need it: Well this one is pretty obvious. You lift DB’s; you get muscles… But do you need a whole set? What weights do you need?

Here’s my advice: 5,10,20 pound DB’s is really all you need. A light weight for burn out reps, a medium weight for isolation work, and a heavy weight for lower body exercises.

My favorite DB exercises: lateral raises, tricep extension, skull crushers, one arm row, Arnold presses, and boxing punches.
Foam Roller

Price: $10-$23

Why you need it: this piece of equipment is always overlooked, but is vital to keeping muscle soreness down, mobility up, and general well being.

Pre-workout foam rolling will help you get loose and properly warm up muscle. While post workout foam rolling can help remove acid build up in the muscles, keep joint mobile, and I’ll be real here; can’t walk after leg day? The foam roller is a god send!
By clicking on any images in this blog, you can see I put together a grand total of $100.84 dollars total for every piece of equipment you need for an at home gym.

Ok, so I went over 84 cents.

But whether you’re in a tiny apartment, a cluddered garage, or a basement-you’ve got your own gym!


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