The Birth Story: What Really Happens.

41 weeks… 3 days…7 hours… and 12 minutes.The exact time from when I found out about my son and when he was placed on my chest.

I know this time very well, because I looked at 2 pink lines, my watch, my husband and then cried; hysterically. I’ll always remember that moment.

Crying hysterically would come to find out, really be my thing for the next 9 months. As well as organizing, doughnuts, not wearing pants, and constantly running to the bathroom.

If you’ve followed my blog, I’ve taken you through most of my trimester’s ups and downs, but before I delivered I remember reading blogs myself thinking, “Will these chicks just ever say what really happens?”

So here we go, my birth story- What Really Happens….

The Starting Line: Hour 1-4

Obviously, at 41 weeks, this chick was getting induced. The thought of having to be pregnant one more day, didn’t just frustrate me- it made me dang crazy!

We arrived at the hospital, pre-registered (seriously, do it!), unpacked our bags and settled in. Within 20 minutes I was hooked to a million monitors, IV in place, and a slightly uncomfortable dose of Cytotec was a given to me and I’ll give you a hint: they don’t put it in your IV.

In my mind, all I had to do was kick back, wait a couple hours, and start pushing. Oh and eat an entire pepperoni calzone (I really used the carbs later)

Well ladies, that’s not what labor had in store with me.

I woke up within 3 hours, with hard contractions coming every minute and not stopping. The only way to describe my labor pain, was your period cramps, on steroids, recently going through a break up. Yea, it hurts.

So I’m sure you’re wondering, where’s the epideral?

Well, hell or high water there wasn’t going to be one.

So I rotated shower, walking, squatting, and this weird dance move that seemed to take my mind off the contractions. (I never wrote a birth plan or attended a birthing class) I approached my labor like a workout; it can’t be tougher than me and I’m going to let the doctors and my husband be my coach. To this day I’m still not sure if that was an amazing plan or if a birth class or two would have helped.

But anyways, I was checked at hour 4, contractions 1 minute apart, and dilated at a 3.

This is going to be a long night.

The 100 Meter Mark: Hour 4-8

Holy shit this hurts! Still being monitored, still being checked every hour, with 1 minute contractions and still at a 3.

By this point, it’s the middle of the night and I’ve been circling the pregnancy ward like Sea Bisquit, letting a toot and a moan out every 5 minutes. My husband following behind, trying to help and not laugh.

At that point I’d made it 8 hours in hard labor with no epideral. I was determined to stay strong, stick with my goal, wait; who am I kidding? I need some drugs!

The nurses first gave me a mild pain killer through the IV, 30 minutes later I was “white girl wasted” and still feelin them every minute!

So now I was still circling the ward, tooting, moaning, but add “drunk pregnant lady” on top of that. Turns out you’re not supposed to be walking after any pain medication has been administered…sorry nurses!

The 300 Meter: Hour 8-9

By the end of hour 9, my pain medication and my sanity was wearing off. My husband said, “Please get the epideral so you can sleep!” (try to remember, no matter what’s in your head of how its “supposed to go” always decide what’s best for you and your child)

I knew if I didn’t relax, neither would the little guy.

I really wish I could explain the epideral better to you guys, but let’s face it, I was still floating on the first pain medication. I can tell you it didn’t hurt, it wasn’t a big deal, but WOW, was it a game changer!

The Hand Off: Hour 9-14

Thanks to that glorious thing called an epideral, I slept on and off, ate some popsicle (which not eating may be the worst part of labor), and was finally dialted to a 8….any minute now.

I also have to add that epiderals affect every woman differently. Personally, I never felt completely numb, could still move my legs, and I still felt contraction pain; but nothing like prior.

The Last Leg: Hour 14-16

One peak and my doc said you’re at a ten. Baby will be here by 12 and we’ll start pushing in 20.

I couldn’t believe it! It was finally here!

I called my friends and fam, told them to come by a little after 12 and we’d have a baby.

Imagine my friends surprise, when they walked in 5 till 12 with my legs up on push bars, pulling on a bed sheet, and mid push and all I could stop to say was “Hey you guys can stay or leave but I gotta do this.”

We were now on two hours straight pushing every contraction on the minute and my epideral had completely worn off. I FELT EVERYTHING.

They dosed me once; nope still feel it.

Dosed me twice; yep, still feeling it.

Dosed me three times which I’m pretty sure is enough to take down an elephant and I had ran out of time to push or to care if my epideral was back.

My doctor said, “Alysha, I’m going to have to call it.”

I replied, “How much time do I have?”

Doctor; “20 minutes”

I put my mind in a place that even I can’t put into words. And 20 minutes later….

The Finish Line: Hour 17

When I opened my eyes, I only remember squeezing my husband’s hand and everyone cheering, not really much else.

I was fixated in front of me.

My son was placed on my chest and before I could even breathe; I let out the most intense cry I think that’s ever left my body.

I said, “Look at what we made.”

And man, did we make something special! He looked just like my husband, but fit so perfect in my arms like he was perfectly made for it.

He didn’t immediately cry, but when he did he filled up the whole room and I thought, yep that one is mine.

The next hour was spent cleaning him up and me. Family crying and hugging, and we just stared at each other. Like a really old friends that hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Describing what birth is like is very hard, because its so special, so unique, its too good to put into words; but what I can say I that I just kept repeating in my head; “Thank you god for letting this baby choose me to be his mama.”

When it comes to birth stories; they’re funny, dramatic, spontaneous, and incredible. For all my moms reading this, I hope you know you’ll be ok and whether or not your story matches your plan; there is always a happy ending after the marathon.


Welcome to the world Jax Lee Wyatt Wilson.

7 pounds. 11 ounces. 22 inches long.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mama.






One comment

  1. Nancy White · February 28, 2016

    It was the most beautful event I have ever seen. And yes Grandma cried like a baby too!!

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