What Pinterest Moms Don’t Tell You.


If you’re reading this blog, 3 things have happened:

1. You found this on Pinterest.

2. You have a  sleepless/crying/teething/gasy/congested/anything baby and you will try/read/do anything to make them happy.

3. You’re pregnant/postpartum and you want to know what dirty little secrets us moms are keeping from y’all.
Well, we don’t have much….

Other than every single article, blog, or book you read can be thrown out the window when it comes to the ins and outs of being a mother.

I’m kina a rookie. 
I’m only 7 months in too mommy and I wanted to write this blog because after experiencing the incredible/challenging thing of bein a mama, I wish I could have read an article outside of the “preparing for baby” or the “how to make homemade organic food” and read real mom stuff like “why you loose your shit and it’s ok” or maybe even “why you haven’t brushed your hair in 4 days and you would trade a kidney for a nap”.
You know real mom stuff…..
What the Pinterest Moms Don’t Tell You:

1. 8 times out of 10, you don’t have time to make organic baby food. Buy organic baby food from Costco in the pouches; it’s easier clean up and just as good. (What I buy)

2. You will always be guessing why you’re baby is crying. Get every medication ok’d by your pediatrician and get double… You’ll use it at some point.

3. It’s ok to think your pediatrician is a whack job, especially when you see them 3 x’s a week because you’re freaking out about everything. After 2 weeks of no sleep, and my pediatrician said use only frozen teething toys… I called my mom, got some Orajel, (What I buy) and saw a psychopath turn into a happy baby.

4. You will run the schedule or the schedule will run you. THIS IS A BIGGGIE MOMS! 

After reading a Pinterest article about scheduled feeding and sleep time, when Baby B was born I was adamant about doing everything on a 2-3 hour schedule. Well, by the time he was 6 weeks old he was crying more and sleeping less and less.

So frustrated, I bought a book called “Baby Wise” (Get Baby Wise here)and learnt that a baby’s schedule should be determined by his AND mine! 

He was sleeping 6-7 hour at a time by week 10 (hallelujah)

Buy this book. Put some flexibility in you and your baby’s schedule!

5. Every feeling is temporary! I struggled so hard breast feeding (another post soon to come) but BF my son always was a huge priority to me. To me, it was the first and best thing I could do as a mother. By 8 weeks postpartum, I was pumping 12-15 x’s a day and was barely getting 5 ounces. 

       I was stressed. He was stressed. 

And after a long, teary, heartfelt talk with some girlfriends, I began to supplement formula.

       At the time, I felt like such a failure

       until I saw how happy my baby was,

       now that that he was full and was 

       hitting EVERY growth chart at check 


       As moms we really do try for the best!

       Just remember “the best” thing for 

       baby is always changing!

6. Some days you won’t always want “to mom”….. Before Baby B, I worked 70 hours a week. After deciding to scale back my clientele to stay at home and work from home I really wasn’t prepared for the emotions that came with that. I was and still am constantly torn how to be mama and CEO. I’m learning identity is hard being a new mom but time management is even harder. 

I’m learning that some days I need a break-WE ALL DO and instead of filling my “me time” with things I couldn’t get done during baby time, I’m actually taking an hour or two to just unwind and re-charge. 

You can’t be the best mom if you can’t remember how to be yourself.

I could honestly write a novel on the things I didn’t know I would learn about being a mom.
That’s really the beauty in it.

Becoming a mother will challenge you. It will surprise you. And one day can equal a thousand different emotions.
But I can promise you one thing; and that is that there will never be an article, book, or blog that will completely prepare you for motherhood, and I thank god for that!

Every baby is special and unique. And even on the hard days, know that he or she picked YOU to be mommy, because no one can do it better!

Not even Pinterest can tell you that!


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