5 Secrets Trainers Never Tell..

When I think about it, my job is kina cray.

From the time I wake up until the time to go to bed I’m emailing, texting, walking around a gym talking about everything from carb intake to plastic wrapping your thighs (we’ll get to that later)
But my point is, I’ve been in this game a LONG time and learned quite a bit of secrets when it comes to making a body look good.
So upon a 3 am Pinterest scroll ( I’m addicted) I came across an article that said “5 things to get your best body ever”… And guys I’ll be honest NOT ONE OF THEM I WOULD RECOMMEND and even agree with!
So I’m gonna put out my own 5 things


1. I don’t do cardio. Well I take that back, I don’t worship the treadmill for an hour a day! I get my cardio in much more effectively through HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)- it’s more efficient for fat burning, and targets weight-not muscle loss. I keep it under 20 minutes and when I’m leaning out I do 3-4 sessions a week. I could get super science here but I’m guessing you girls don’t care, so take my word for it- quality over quantity!

2. I eat 50/50. Meaning I’m no way 100% clean eating! I think it breeds a very unbalanced relationship with food and hurts the mind AND body! Let me explain… Your body has enzymes that recognize food and how to digest it. If you’re only eating completely clean food in your diet, the second you eat outside of that, the body’s enzymes become confused on how to properly digest it. I keep 4 balanced meals a day with nutrient dense foods and I fill my snacks with whatever I have a hankering for. So unless you plan to be a food Saint for the next year, look at balance and being consistent with nutrient dense foods; it’ll pay off more in the long run.

3. I ALWAYS lift. No matter if it’s abs, glutes, or arms; nothing gets toned without weight training. You don’t always have to be heavy or lift everyday but there’s a reason no fitness models are doing soul cycle everyday! Although I do encourage to add in non traditional weight training 1x a week for the muscle recovery and mental reward. 

4. I look best when the scale is higher. Ugh this crap never dies! The longer I lift the heavier I’ve weighed; but it’s also the BEST I’ve ever looked! Stop killing yourself over the number. It is zero reflection of how you look or feel. Target inches and fat loss, not the number! Like I always say, you can’t put a scale on your ass to show everyone, but you can show off your hard work with no number needed!

5. It’s ok to take a break. I’ve trained hundreds, maybe thousands of clients by now and I get asked what is the secret? It’s simply consistency! You need vacations, you need rest, and when everything isn’t working sometimes the best thing is to take a second to re-group. But the difference is taking a break is not quitting; it’s figuring out how to re-work your consistency. And if you’re doing something you just can’t stay consistent with; it’s probably not the right program for you.
So as you can see I don’t do fat burners, skinny tea, fat wraps (although I did wrap myself in plastic wrap and petroleum once because I heard you could loose water weight- I just ended up with some chaffing and looking like a dumbass) or even those damn waist cinchers (it’s a corset that used to make women pass out back in the day btw).


My point is that trainers don’t hold secrets or unicorn magic; we just rely on the consistency of knowledge of nutrition and training. 

I’m positive every woman reading this article is smart, intellectual, and passionate! So please stop the madness of trusting the trends and “secrets” thrown at you every day.

Find a pro who knows how to show you a lifestyle that meets your goals and your happiness; not one that promises “the secret”.
But I will share one secret. One that is instant results: if you really learn to respect the body you’re in; results will always follow.
Oh, and ALWAYS spray tan when you’re going to wear anything other than a footed onesie.



  1. kimberlyjerz · April 20, 2016

    Love this! You are an inspiration.

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