About Just A Fit Chick

This isn’t the part where I tell you my road was paved with gold and the journey to the place I’m at now was a perfect journey; it wasn’t.

My story, my journey to fitness, is a lot like my life; long, messy, and full of blessings.

I come from a small ranch in Kansas that is a far cry from the thriving, fitness metropolis I live in today.

I stumbled into fitness and it ended up saving my life, both mentally and physically.  Fitness is a stepping stone to finding a part of yourself that can awake every ounce of life around you; it changed my course and it can change yours too.

I began modeling at very young, and at the ripe age of 12 I became bulimic.  I battled a strong addiction to bulimia until I was 18 years old and I started practicing and competing in boxing.Alysha White gets in a few rounds with Ty Sonota at Blunt Force

My love for boxing thankfully grew into a bigger passion for fitness, healthy lifestyle, and becoming a personal trainer.

Fast forward 8 years and I’m the CEO of justafitchick and Fit Chick Apparel.  I’m in love with training and coaching and being Head Coach of Team Fit Chick is the coolest job on the planet.

I’ve been on reality shows, choreographed fight scenes for major music videos, been in the ring as a boxer, ran through fire in some of the country’s toughest obstacle races, and competed and won many spots of the bodybuilding stage in both the NPC and the WBFF, and adding many fitness modeling publications too the stack.

Broken skull group shotI’m so proud to be a sponsored athlete for Axis Labs Performance nutrition and my favorite bragging rights too add to my resume?  Soon to be a fit momma!

I’ve made it my mission to spread the positive and relentless attitude that started my company, to every woman, client, and athlete I train and that is accepting your best self, challenging yourself to exceed your own expectations, and above all be yourself; unapologetically.

I’ve worked extremely hard, with a genuine love and passion for this industry and the great people I’ve come to be blessed in meeting through the years.

But this is not why I’m telling you my story, because that’s only the beginning…..

I began in this industry to change lives; make a difference, but I’ll admit somewhere along the way of expanding, growing and building my fitness business, I’ve lost my way and by the grace of the man upstairs; miraculously found my way back to the girl that started this.

Through personal goals and learning experiences, I found myself at an unexpected and slightly familiar place.

After pushing my body through bikini competitions, a reality show, and various other physical challenges the last couple years have pushed my mind, body, and honestly; spirit to a breaking point.

Before and AfterI became the trifecta of eating disorders (bulimia nervosa, body dimorphic, and food addiction), stage 3 of metabolic damage, prolonged training on injuries has left with extreme nerve damage in my lower body, and well this “justafitchick” has been “justamess”, frankly.

But there is not 1 ounce of quit in me and after a lot of reflection, brutal self-honesty, and the support of the amazing fit family I have, I began to reverse the damage; mentally and physically.

Through my struggles I was able to transform from just a trainer and coach to a metabolism expert, nutritionist, and eating disorder mentor.

This is the real reason your reading my story; you could have picked any trainer for help, but something tells me that there is nothing ordinary about you! Your story is like mine, and your journey too success will be just as special!

tuff mudderI named my company Justafitchick, because at the end of the day, that’s what I’ll always be.  The small town girl who’s done it all, completely screwed it up, and found confidence and success again, because I believe in the power of being a woman and surrounding yourself with other boss ladies too!

Welcome to Team Fit Chick!  Welcome to the journey and always remember, here at Justafitchick we

Work.Hard Lift.Heavy. Live.Blessed.


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